If you are a regular to my blog you will know that brunch is my favourite meal of the week. I'm not sure why but I love being able to have a long lazy breakfast. I suppose during the week breakfast for me is just a meal that I get into myself as quick as possible so it is a complete treat to have a long lazy breakfast at the weekend. Below you will find all the places I have visited for brunch and for convenience I have listed them according to their rating. For some breakfast/brunch inspiration just click on the links to see what I have to say about each place. A lot of the places that I have reviewed for lunch and/or dinner also have brunch/breakfast options so you should check them out to. You can find all my lunch reviews by clicking HERE and all my dinner reviews by clicking HERE. 

18 out of 20

17 out of 20

15.5 out of 20

15 out of 20

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