Monday 25 July 2016

No 22 Bar and Grill, Ayr, Ayrshire

I've been doing a lot of travelling recently so when we decided to go out for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning I wanted to stay local. A reader of my blog had contacted me and told me that I should try out No 22 Bar and Grill in Ayr so I decided that today was the day. I had looked at the menu and thought it sounded nice but other than that I knew nothing else about the restaurant. 

When we arrived the restaurant wasn't overly busy so thankfully they were able to give us a table. We were shown to our table and given our menus. 

We were given two menus; the Sunday out for less menu and the a la carte menu. There are so many things on menu - nearly too much choice, it was so hard to actually pick something. The Sunday out for less menu has a brunch section, small plates section (which had dishes such as soup, pate croquettes), and a large plates section (which had a Sunday roast, chicken salad, pizza), and of course they also had a dessert section. The a la carte menu has your usual starters and mains, such as steak, burgers, skewers, pizza etc. 

Both Mr EmmaEats and I decided to order off the brunch section on the Sunday out for less menu. I went for the brunch burrito (without the burrito & cheese, I know there is always one fussy eater at a table) & surprisingly enough Mr EE went for the No22 full breakfast - he tries to tell me that he only gets a full breakfast for a treat but I'm guessing if I were to go back through all my posts he would mainly order the full breakfast for brunch. 

My brunch burrito is described as scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh salsa served with homestyle potatoes (but remember I ordered mine with the burrito and cheese). My dish was nice, although I wasn't blown away with it. There was bacon in the scrambled eggs and bacon in the homestyle potatoes and I just thought this was over kill on the bacon. The salsa wasn't to my liking either there was some sort of vinegar dressing on it that just made it taste bitter. 

Mr EE's breakfast was described as sausage, bacon, potato scone, tomato, mushroom, black pudding, toast, served with eggs your way. Mr EE went for poached eggs. Mr EE was of a similar opinion as me, he thought his breakfast was just nice, nothing special. Food rating: 3/5.

Staff were friendly and attentive, there was no problem with me making changes to my dish. I overheard the table next to me when they were placing their order and one of the party had specific dietary requirements and once again this did not appear to be an issue. Service rating: 4/5.

The restaurant is tastefully decorated with lovely pieces hanging on the walls. As I said there wasn't a huge amount of people in the restaurant but there was still a nice atmosphere. There are two sides to this restaurant, the side with the entrance and the other side. We were seated at the other side and were the only customers there for a while. A group of 4 women then came in and they were seated right beside us - this is a complete pet hate of mine, if the restaurant is next to empty I don't understand why people are all seated on top of each other. However, I'm not totally irrational about this and am aware they may have requested to sit there or had it previously booked. Atmosphere rating:- 4/5.

We had 2 breakfasts, 2 americano's and 1 cappuccino and the total cost of our bill was £23.45. To be honest, I kinda think that this was a little pricey for the quality of the food. Price rating: 3/5.

Last Words
This place has a lot going for it, the staff are lovely, the interior is lovely, the place is nice and clean. However, the food (& price) just didn't really do it for me.  In saying that I will go back and try out the dinner menu sometime soon. Total Rating: 14 out of 20. 

Date Visited:- Sunday, 10 July 2016.

Restaurant Details:-
22 Beresford Terrace,

Website: click here
Telephone number: 01292 280820

If you have any recommendations of where I should try out next to love to hear them.

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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