Tuesday 12 January 2016

Breakfast at the Tea Rooms, Bath Street, Glasgow

Due to the unexpected urgent need for a passport I found myself in Glasgow city centre with a spare few hours, so I decided to treat myself to breakfast in the Tea Rooms (Butterfly and & the Pig) on Bath Street, Glasgow. This is such a pretty place, like its sister at the Corona it is cool, funky and a little ecliptic.

There is a good choice on the menu ranging from porridge to pancakes to a full breakfast. There is also a cake cabinet however I averted my eyes just in case I was tempted (as it is NEVER too early for cake). While we were looking over the menu our tea and coffee came out. I just loved the presentation of my tea and I was pleasantly surprised at the large amount of water in the tea pot (clearly I'm just obsessed with water).


For my midweek breakfast I decided to have the porridge and fruit, Mr EmmaEats (I've been told he doesn't like being referred to as 'companion' so it's now Mr EmmaEats or Mr EE - for the moment) had poached eggs on brown toast. My large bowl of porridge came out with a lovely selection of fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants), with side dishes of honey and milk. The porridge was well made and had a lovely consistency - it wasn't stodgy or sticky. The large portion certainly set me up for the day.

Mr EmmaEats poached eggs and toast (the first time) were not a good as my porridge. When Mr EE cut into the egg, the white of the egg was not cooked properly and a flood of white watery stuff oozed out onto his plate. We spoke to the waitress who quickly removed the plate and stated that she would bring out a fresh plate - she queried whether he was happy to go with the poached eggs again or did he want something else - he was happy to have the poached eggs. Whilst we were waiting for the poached eggs the waitress set down clean cutlery for Mr EE and apologised for the inconvenience. In no time at all the poached eggs were brought out on a fresh plate of toast (yes I have been to places before where they only remove the item that you complained about and don't provide you with a fresh plate). The eggs were cooked to Mr EE's satisfaction this time. Food Rating 3.5/5.


The service in the Tea Rooms is very good and I was very impressed with the way the waitress dealt with the undercooked poached eggs. Laying out a fresh knife and fork was a very nice touch. Service Rating 5/5.


The Tea Rooms is a very welcoming, chilled out space with no rush on customers. As you can see from the photo above it is a little ecliptic. There are two eating areas - the main area which you can see in the photo and then there is also some additional seating in the hallway (again this just lends itself to the ecliptic style of the place). The bathrooms located down a cold dark stairway. Atmosphere Rating 4/5.


As well as breakfast we had two coffee's and one tea. I thought our breakfast was very reasonably priced. Food Rating 4.5/5.

Last words ...

This place is certainly worth a visit and like I have said in the 'about me' section of the blog, I don't expect everything to be perfect all the time - it is how the restaurant deals with the issue that is important to me and I could not fault their response. Total Rating:- 17.

Restaurant Details

The Tea Rooms,
151 Bath Street,
G2 4SQ.

Website: http://www.thebutterflyandthepig.com/thetearooms/
Phone: 0141 243 2459

Visited Wednesday 6 January 2016.

Thanks for reading

Emma mai x


I visited the Tea Rooms again on Friday, 15 January 2016. I had guests visiting (one of whom was my foodie partner in crime when I was on the food trail in Dublin) and I had planned to go to another restaurant in the West End for breakfast but due to the no show of the chef we had to head somewhere else. So I decided to bring my guests to the good old reliable Tea Rooms. I'm not going to go into another lengthy review but thought I would write a quick update.

I would rate the service, atmosphere and price the same as above. In relation to the food - there were four of us, the two men had full breakfasts, my foodie partner in crime had the kippers and I just had poached eggs, beans and tomatoes. All the food was great and my poached eggs came out cooked to perfection. So for this visit I would rate the food as 4.5/5.

So my total rating for this visit is 18/20.

Emma mai x


  1. Really enjoy reading your reviews Emma and thinking that I need to start checking out some of these places. Also I'm intrigued by the elusive 'Mr Emma Eats' all we seem to see in the photos is the occasional arm? Beginning to imagine he's like the character Meena from Still Game where we will never get to see his face lol. Keep the reviews coming xxx

    1. Thanks a mil TD! Oh the elusive Mr Emma Eats may make an appearance at some stage. Thanks a mil for reading x