Wednesday 7 September 2016

Brunch at Kelvingrove Cafe, Glasgow

I decided to continue exploring the West End for brunch as I feel I've been very biased towards the Southside. So next up was Kelvingrove Cafe. I've been following the cafe on social media for ages and their food just looks awesome so I was really looking forward to my visit. 

We arrived into the cafe and thankfully it wasn't very busy so we were seated at a table straight away by a very friendly waitress. We were given our menus and our coffee orders were taken. 

There is a large variety to choose from on the breakfast menu, from oats; scones; fruit; toast (with an array of different toppings); eggs (done loads of different ways); the full breakfast; bean quesadilla; and egg & chips to name but a few. I went for the Gluten Free Corn & Creme Cheese Pancakes with halloumi & tomato jalapeno salsa. Mr EmmaEats went for the sweet porridge and the eggs benedict. 
You can see from the photo how pretty my dish looked - the pancakes were a little bit burned but I think the darkness actually fitted in with the dish. The dish tasted just as good as it looked. All the different ingredients worked really well together. Mr EE wasn't as taken with his breakfast though, whilst he said it was fine he wasn't blown away with it at all. Food rating: 3.5/5.

The service here was good, there is such a friendly vibe from everyone. Service rating 4/5.

So the cafe looks great, quiet minimalist (with the exception of the very stocked bar) but with a number of features such as mirrors and coloured walls. As I mentioned above the place wasn't very busy but there was still a good few people around which did create a nice atmosphere. However, there was something missing from the place for me. I didn't get a warm and cosy feeling when I walked in (and I'm not talking heat or reception from staff). And I also feel that the beautiful pictures of food that I've seen on social media didn't match the feel of the place, there was just something that didn't match up. Atmosphere rating 3/5. 

The cost of our meal was £28.50 and for that we got 3 americano's, 1 cappuccino, porridge, eggs benedict and gluten free pancakes. I think there is great value for money here. Price rating 4.5/5.

Last Words
I do like this place, it has a lot going for it. The service and price are great. The food has a bit of a mixed review, but is still good although the atmosphere is lacking a bit for me. However, whilst the 'feel' of the place isn't for me, it might be your cup of tea so I think this place is certainly worth a visit. Total rating 15 out of 20.

Date visited: 27 August 2016

Restaurant Details:
Kelvingrove Cafe,
1161 - 1163 Argyle Street,
G3 8TB,

Website: coming soon (click HERE)
Telephone: 0141 221 8988

If you have any suggestions of where I should try next I'd love to hear them - you can either comment below or send me an email at

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

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  1. Here the lighting is a little brighter than lounge setting, and you can sit at one of their many tables, or grab a seat by the bar. With a large menu of beers, you might have trouble picking just one. The music at Seattle venues was upbeat with a mixture of rock and pop, and the food menu is large as well as their seating.