Friday 12 August 2016

Brunch at Murray's, Prestwick, Ayrshire

So it was a Saturday morning again and we decided to stay local in Ayrshire. We don't generally go to Prestwick much for food so we decided to give it a go. I told Mr EmmaEats to have a look and pick somewhere, so off we went. As we were walking to the chosen restaurant we walked past Murray's and we both commented on how nice it looked and decided if the chosen restaurant wasn't our cup of tea we would head back to Murray's. Well clearly, given the title of this post, we ended up going back to Murray's. 

Once we walked in the door we were greeted by very friendly staff and shown to our table. There was a nice crowd in the restaurant but it thankfully wasn't too busy. 

The breakfast/brunch menu is not huge but they have everything you would expect for breakfast. I went for scrambled eggs and bacon (without the toast) and Mr EE went for it with toast. The first observation we had when the food was put down in front of us was that the portions were pretty big. I was also nearly ready to jump across the table to eat Mr EE's toast - it look amazing. The bread was so thick I'd say you would nearly be eating the equivalent of four slices of bread. My next observations was that the scrambled eggs practically looked anaemic as they were so pale. However, thankfully they tasted so much better than they looked. They were so creamy and full of flavour. The bacon was just delicious. Mr EE confirmed that his toast was amazing. Food rating: 4/5.

Service was great here. All the staff were so friendly and you could see that there were loads of regulars in and the staff knew their names, which I think is a nice touch. What I also really liked was the fact that when my plate was being cleared, it was noted that I hadn't eaten all my bacon and I was asked was there a problem with it. I mean you would expect this in any restaurant, however, the amount of times that people don't see leftovers or choose not to see it, is unbelievable. However, this wasn't the case here. And there actually wasn't anything wrong with the bacon, I just had so much on my plate I couldn't finish it. Service rating: 5/5.

The atmosphere is great here. Its your little local restaurant where everyone know's your name. The staff were so friendly (I know I'm saying that again but they really were so friendly and seemed so happy to be there). The decor is cute and ecliptic. Atmosphere rating: 4/5.

Mr EE paid for this and forgot to get the receipt and also can't remember what he paid for it so I can't give you an exact figure (men!). But on the menu bacon and scrambled eggs are priced at £4.45 - yes you read that correctly - look at all the lovely tasty food I got for £4.45! Price rating: 4/5.
Last Words
This is a great wee find. I love when I randomly come across somewhere that isn't on my never ending list of places to go. I will definitely be back, it has it all. Total rating: 17 out of 20. 

Date Visited: Saturday 6 August 2016

Restaurant Details:
101 Main Street,

Website: none
Telephone: 01292 738386

If you have any suggestions of where I should try next I would love to hear them. You can comment below or drop me an email at: 

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

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