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Welcome to my blog! So what is EmmaEats all about? My passion is food, I love eating out and I also try my hand at cooking at home - however I do the former better! This blog is mainly about the restaurants I visit, although if I ever cook something that looks and tastes amazing I may post a picture of it to Twitter or Instagram!

For me eating out is not necessarily all about the food, it is about the experience of eating out with food being one of the most important aspects. The other important aspects for me are atmosphere, service and value for money. 

I’m an Irish girl living in Scotland, having moved here from Dublin. The Dublin food scene has enabled and encouraged my love for food over the past number of years. I won’t beat around the bush and I will be completely upfront - I think Dublin is one of the most amazing places in the world for so many reasons and most notably for its restaurants (and yes I have travelled a bit and lived abroad before so I feel I can make that statement). Thankfully, it would appear that Glasgow (and Scotland in general) is more than capable of enabling my passion for eating out and I think it may also provide Dublin with some serious competition for the most amazing place in the world.

So why review restaurants? Firstly, as I’ve said eating out is a joy for me, I love finding an amazing place to eat and secondly, I love to tell people about my new find and encourage them to go to try it out for themselves. I love having a list of great places to go to if someone comes to me looking for a recommendation. So in my quest to find out all that Glasgow has to offer me on a food front, I have decided to bring you along on my journey.

What can you expect from my blog? I endeavour to provide an honest and fair review of places that I go to for food or tea/coffee.

What kind of restaurants do I go to? I like to try out all different types of restaurants. I am as happy in a cool quirky café as I am in a michelin starred restaurant, however I would not expect the same from both places. As I live in the west of Scotland most of my reviews will be Glasgow/Ayrshire based, however, as I travel a bit I may from time to time write reviews for restaurants outside of this area. This is just all about me sharing my love of restaurants whether it is in Glasgow, Dublin or another part of the world.

What is my rating system? To review a restaurant I will look at the following aspects:- food, atmosphere, service and value for money. I will also include photos of the food and if I can get good shots of the restaurant without disturbing the other diners I will post them too. I still feel a little uncomfortable taking my phone out to take photos of my food but I'm sure I'll get over it in time.

It is important to note that I don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time, nothing or no one is 100% perfect all the time. However, if I highlight an issue to a member of staff it’s their response that is very important to me. I believe a restaurant that can listen to a customer and actually hear what he/she has to say shows that they really care about the customer experience and this is a very important attribute in a customer focused industry.

Disclosures - (1) be warned no matter where I am, my pet hate is an empty glass of water, if you don’t intend to keep my glass of water full leave a jug of water on my table. Or if I ask for a glass of water, please give it to me! I'm not being a cheapskate, I actually drink a lot of water on a daily basis and I drink water with all my meals - even if I order an alcoholic drink or a fizzy drink I still like to have a glass of water. The glass of water has now become a standing joke between me and Mr EmmaEats as at least once a week I don't get a glass of water when I ask for it - maybe people just don't understand my Irish accent! (2) I'm only new to photography and have recently purchased a camera so bear with me whilst I try to improve on this. Right now I will certainly never win any prizes for my photography skills - I am seriously contemplating signing up to a photography course as my photos are always so dark.

I hope you enjoy following my culinary journey and if you have any favourite spots that you think I should check out please get in touch by sending an email to emma@emmaeats.co.uk or comment on my blog. I really love discussing food so please feel free to engage with me. I hope in time to write a few articles on topical food issues that I will post on my social media accounts with a view to encouraging discussion and to find out what people think.

You can find me on Facebook (EmmaEats), Twitter (@EmmaEatsUK) and Instagram (emmaeatsuk).

Finally, my little mantra, it’s the simple things and it’s the simple things done well!

Thanks for reading!

Emma mai x

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