Lunch is probably the meal that I eat out the least for, generally at the weekends I have brunch and of a normal weekday I wouldn't eat lunch out. However, I do eat out and for the purposes of the blog I'm trying my best to sample more lunch spots. There are so many options in Glasgow for lunch, from grab & go, to fast food type places, to sitting down for a lovely long fancy lunch. A lot of the places that I have reviewed for brunch and/or dinner also have lunch options so you could check them out to. You can find all my breakfast/brunch reviews by clicking HERE and all my dinner reviews by clicking HERE.

I have listed all the spots that I have visited for lunch below and for convenience I have listed them according to their ranking. For dinner inspiration just click on the link to see what I have said about it. 

19 out of 20

18 out of 20

17.5 out of 20

16 out of 20

15.5 out of 20

Unrated (but it is good)

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