Saturday 27 February 2016

Brunch at Gusto and Relish, Shawlands, Glasgow

It was that time of the week again - my favourite time, Saturday brunch. Mind you our day started a little later than normal as we were both feeling a little worse for wear after a night on the town! However, once we got our act together we decided that we would try out Gusto and Relish, Shawlands. We rang ahead to see if we could book a table but unfortunately they don't take bookings. I had myself prepared for a long queue (and wondered how my weary body could cope with that) but thankfully there was no queue and we were seated straight away. We were seated down the back of the restaurant in a corner - a perfect spot to hide away and not see the horrendous rain outside. Our drinks order was taken and we were left to look at the menu. The menu is fairly substantial and took a while to get through (well maybe my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders). Once we had placed our food order the coffee arrived out - a cappuccino and an americano with hot milk - they use Ovenbird Coffee and seriously, it is the best coffee I have tasted. Mr EmmaEats is addicted to coffee and needs at least two cappuccino's every morning before his body functions and he agrees that this coffee is spectacular. Ovenbird Coffee Roasters source, roast and supply speciality coffee. You should definitely check them out (see link above).

So today I decided to live life on the wild side and replace my usual poached eggs with scrambled eggs (rock and roll I hear you say). So I had scrambled eggs on brown toast with a side of tomatoes and spinach! My breakfast was fine, nice fluffy toast and lovely tomatoes and spinach but the scrambled eggs weren't great to be honest! They were very very dry. But they were fine. Mr EE had the all day breakfast and he really enjoyed it. He said the black pudding was divine - he doesn't really share so I didn't get to taste it. He stated that there was very little grease on the fry and thought that was great. Whilst we didn't have any dessert there were some amazing looking cakes - I would have loved a slice of cake (my hangover would have loved a whole cake), but I managed to stay strong and walk past them. Food Rating:- 4/5.

Service was great, no complaints there at all. Staff were very friendly and efficient. When we were leaving we took two ameranicano's to go and while the waiter was preparing our coffee he was telling us all about Overbird Coffee. He seemed very knowledgeable about the product. Service Rating:- 4.5/5.

This is great little spot - I really like the vibe here! It's like your little neighbour cafe (well it is your little neighbour cafe). It is cool and quirky - you even kinda walk through the kitchen to get to the toilet downstairs (you are not exactly walking through the where they cook the food but you are walking past it). It's just a little eccentric - and I like eccentric. Atmosphere Rating:- 4.5/5.

What can I say about price - it is more than reasonable, we had two breakfasts and 4 coffees (two of them were to takeaway) and it only came to £22.10 - I mean REALLY you could spend that much alone on 5 coffees in some places. The scrambled eggs on toast was only £3.95 (in fairness I wouldn't mind spending another few pounds to have nicer eggs but it was still such a good price) - I did pay for the sides also. The all day breakfast was £7.95 - which was a great price. Price Rating:- 5/5.

Last Words
This is a great little spot with loads on the menu. Whilst the scrambled eggs may not have been cooked to my liking I think this place has something very special. There is no pomp and ceremony just good food at great value. This place is somewhere that you really must try. Total Rating 18 out of 20.

Date visited:- Saturday, 20 February 2016

Restaurant Details:-

Gusto and Relish,
729 - 731 Pollackshaws Road,
G41 2AA.

Telephone: 0141 424 1233

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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