Wednesday 6 April 2016

Brunch at Tribeca, Southside, Glasgow

It feels like Saturdays are coming around quick and fast (mind you mid week it never feels that way). So it's Saturday morning and we are on the hunt for the next new place to visit. One spot that I have tried to get into on a few occasions is Tribeca South - the wait has always been too long for us (well really Mr EmmaEats - I'll wait for good food). So this Saturday we were up nice and early and set off to try to get in before the rush! When we arrived we still had to stand outside - I didn't mind so much as it was a beautiful morning and thankfully we were only outside for about five minutes. Once inside the waiter informed us that it would be about a five minute wait, which was great. We were seated at our table and given the menu's.

There is such a wide variety of food on the menu and everything looks so tasty. You can get pancakes, eggs benedict, the full breakfast (done a variety of ways) or omelettes to name but a few. I decided to have the huveos rancherous and Mr EmmaEats went for the manhattan grand slam. The huvuos rancherous contained two eggs poached in tomato salsa with chorizo served with two toasted tortilla's. I'm on the fence about my food - it was just grand, nothing special to write home about. I did like the way the tortilla's were done but other than that I wasn't blown away. The manhattan grand slam contained eggs (your way) hash browns, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast. Mr EE was delighted with the amount of food that was on his plate but again he felt that it was just grand. We had a cappuccino and an americano (x2) - again the coffee was just fine. Food Rating:- 3.5/5.

Service was fine and everything came out nice and quickly. Staff were on hand whenever we needed something. It did appear that only one person could take the orders - I found this a bit strange. Service Rating:- 4/5.


While we were standing waiting to get a seat I had a good opportunity to look around. Mr EE was loving the vibe about the place but to be honest I wasn't feeling it. Don't get me wrong, it looks great, really cool but I just didn't feel it. While we were waiting on our table I felt like I was practically sitting on the table just inside the door, there was a couple at the table and I could hear their entire conversation but I couldn't move anywhere else. Atmosphere Rating:- 4/5.


The price was reasonable and Mr EE certainly got loads of food on his plate for £9.95. The total cost of our meal was £25.20. The most exciting thing about the receipt was the handful of jelly beans that came with it. This is a nice touch. I had seen it come out to a table that had kids sitting at it and I just presumed it was for kids but I was so excited when they came and were put in front of me. Price Rating:- 4/5.

Last Words
I'm not sold on this place, but to be honest I am willing to try it out again. I would certainly like to go back to try out the waffles and/or pancakes. There is just something missing but I'm not able to put my finger on it. Total Rating 15.5 out of 20.

Date Visited:- 27 February 2016

Restaurant Details:-

Tribeca Bar & Grill, Glasgow South,
1 Fenwick Road,
G46 6AU.

Website: Tribeca Website

Telephone: 0844 357 7777

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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