Friday 22 January 2016

Brunch at Lido, Troon (Buzzworks)

I was meeting friends for brunch in Troon and we decided to head to the old faithful - Lido. Lido is part of Buzzworks Holdings, I've recently reviewed their new venture, The Mill House, Stewarton (review of dinner at the Mill House).

Lido is a very stylish and elegant restaurant with clean crisp decor. It is very big and can cater for private dining. We were a party of four and were seated at one of the booths. 


Lido have an extensive breakfast menu that is served daily from 8.30am to 12 noon. They serve everything from porridge, pancakes, beans on toast to the traditional full breakfast. As I am trying to eat a bit healthier for January I went for brown toast, poached eggs and beans (I didn't even put the butter on my toast). Whilst this may not look very exciting to some, it was tasty. I had asked for my poached eggs to be firm and thankfully they came out to me as I had requested.  

Mr EmmaEats went for the 'buzz' works breakfast (he is also on the same healthy buzz that I am on for January - I can't remember his excuse for the full breakfast but I'm sure it was a good one - oh I think it was something to do with black pudding being a superfood now). As you can see from the photo below the 'buzz' works breakfast is very big - you have everything in it: eggs (done the way you want them), pudding, potato scone, bacon, sausages, beans, tomato and toast. Mr EE really enjoyed his breakfast and said that it filled him up for the day. The one complaint from the others at the table was the fact that the butter is straight from the fridge and does not spread on the toast - I have experienced this before. It could do with being left out at room temperature for a while before being given to a customer (I don't know, maybe it is for health and safety reasons but I've had soft real butter in other restaurants). Food rating 4/5.


To say that I was a little disappointed with the service is an understatement. I have been here many times before and service has never been an issue but on this particular Saturday it was pretty poor. I will admit, they were very busy but there was plenty of staff working so I can't understand this slip in standards. I felt our food and drinks were just dropped on our table and if you were going to ask the waiter for something he/she was gone before you had the opportunity. I asked for a glass of water when I was placing my coffee order and got same. However, when I needed more water I had to ask for a refill - on my forth attempt to ask for water I asked what may have been a manager (different uniform to wait staff). I told her that I had asked for water three times already. She promptly brought down a glass of water to me. I felt that while I was looking for water my companions were also on the look out to try to catch the attention of the wait staff for me - this shouldn't have happened. Service Rating 3/5.


There is a lovely atmosphere in Lido, there is always plenty of people here to create a good buzz around the place. The restaurant itself it very stylish and always very clean. Atmosphere Rating 4/5.


The price of food is very reasonable with the 'buzz' works breakfast only costing £5.95. Price Rating 4/5.

Last Words

Unfortunately this time I really didn't enjoy my breakfast at Lido. Whilst the food was fine, it really annoyed me that I had to spend so much of my time trying to get a glass of water. As well as food being very important to me, the experience in the restaurant is just as important. Neither I nor my companions could relax because every time a member of staff walked by we were trying to get their attention just so I could have a drink of water. However, I wouldn't let this put me off visiting again, as I have said, I've been here plenty of times before and service was not an issue, but this rating is based on my most current visit. Total Rating:- 15 out of 20.

Restaurant Details:-

11-17 West Portland Street,
KA10 6AB.

Telephone:- 01292 310 088

Date visited - Saturday, 9 January 2016.

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai x

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