I love a good dinner, I don't think I have a favourite dinner dish, I think it just depends on the mood that I'm in. And dinner for me can also be something thats quick and convenient, somewhere to just dash in and out of before a concert/gig or a meal that lasts for hours with wine, chats and of course good food. For me, I think dinner has become quite a social thing - before I may have been happy to go to the pub and scream over all the noise, whereas now I like to ease into the night by going for food, some wine and being able to have a chat and catch up with friends and family (and then heading to the pub for some more drinks - I am Irish after all). 

I have listed all the spots that I have visited for dinner below and for convenience I have listed them according to their ranking. For dinner inspiration just click on the link to see what I have said about it. Also whilst I have only visited these places for dinner a lot of them will do a breakfast/brunch/lunch menu so you shouldn't just consider them for dinner. You can find all my brunch reviews by clicking HERE and all my lunch reviews by clicking HERE.

You will see a mixture of restaurants and wonder how maybe a fine dining restaurant and a burger joint have been given the same rating. I rate the restaurant based on what they are offering and whether they live up that offering. For example Bread Meats Bread is claiming to be a burger joint and they do that very well so they got 19 out of 20. However, if they were claiming to be a fine dining restaurant - they wouldn't have gotten the same review. Likewise, if a restaurant is claiming to offer a fine dining experience, my expectations are a lot higher and therefore I rate them accordingly. 

19 out of 20

18 out of 20

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  1. Hey!! This dinner is so luscious. It reminded me of my dinner party that I had arranged last week at one of Chicago event space. Hired experienced catering services there that had arranged yummy food. Impressed with their work. Will book them for future parties too.