Monday 29 August 2016

Brunch at Cafezique, Glasgow

I'm slowly but surely working my way through my list of places that I must visit (however, this list is growing at an increasingly rapid pace) so cafezique was next on the list. I have heard loads of great things about cafezique and I was really looking forward to it. We were aware that we may have a bit of a wait for a table so we were all prepared to sit at the bar and have a coffee and read the paper. To our surprise when we arrived we were given a table upstairs straight away - we even had a choice of tables so we went for the one that overlooked the restaurant downstairs. 

So we were given the menu and all I can say is that the menu is very extensive - I felt I nearly had to have my coffee first before I could start reading it. As with any good brunch spot you can get the normal breakfast (& a veggie version), you can get eggs done a number of different ways, french toast, a b.l.t. (& a h.l.t. - the veggie version) and granola. There is also an extensive lunch menu that is available on Saturday and Sundays too.
I went for the veggie breakfast (minus the mushroom and picked poached eggs) - Mr EmmaEats went for the full breakfast and he had his eggs poached. I loved my breakfast, from the way it looked to the way it tasted. It was beautifully presented and I thought all the colours looked great together. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection, the halloumi was so tasty and the chilli oil was a great addition to the dish. I thought it was quiet a big portion. I actually thought the veggie breakfast was bigger than the 'normal' breakfast which is completely unusual as when you get a veggie dish in most places the assumption is made that you have the stomach the size of a 2 month old ;-). Mr EE loved his breakfast too - he didn't think it was on the small side - I thought it just kinda looked lost on the plate. However, Mr EE was very happy with it and said that it was one of the best breakfasts that he has had. Food rating: 4.5/5.
Service was really good here. Very efficient and friendly. There was plenty of staff so if you needed someone there was also someone at hand - but they weren't in your face either. Sometimes I hate sitting upstairs as I feel you can be forgotten about, but thankfully this was not the case. Service rating: 5/5

This place has a great atmosphere - I loved it from the minute I walked in the door. It is somewhere that I could imagine going with my paper, sitting in the corner and watching the world go by me. There didn't seem to be a rush on anyone, everyone just seemed to be completely relaxed. It is small and compact and the tables are kinda very close but it didn't seem to bother me here. Atmosphere rating 4.5/5.
When I was looking at the menu I would have thought that the price of the food was certainly on the higher end of the scale - the full breakfast being £10.50 - which to me is expensive. However, given the quality of the food and service I do actually think that my breakfast was worth it. The total bill came to £27.00 and this included two dishes, 2 americano's and 1 cappuccino. The price of the coffee is in line with what I would expect to pay. Price rating: 4/5.

Last Words
This place has it all and is certainly in contention for the best brunch spot. The menu has a great selection on it, the quality of the food is great, service is excellent and the atmosphere is just right up my street. This really is somewhere that you should head to. Cafezique has a sister restaurant (right next door) called Delizique, I'm really looking forward to visiting it sometime soon. Total Rating: 18 out of 20. 

Date Visited: 20 August 2016.

Restaurant Details
66 Hyndland Street,
G11 5PT.

Website: click HERE
Telephone:0141 339 7180

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