Thursday 7 January 2016

Brunch - The Butterfly & the Pig at the Corona, Shawlands

My favourite thing to do at the weekend is brunch (I can hear my 20 something year old self laughing at me - but yes brunch is one of the highlights of my weekend). I've been in Scotland a little over 6 months now and the Butterfly & the Pig, Shawlands has been a regular haunt for brunch. I really love everything about this place so I'm probably a little biased towards it.

We went to the Butterfly & Pig for our last big blow out before the end of the Christmas season! We arrived into an unusually empty restaurant, however we were there for opening so it was a little early - everyone else was clearly so full of food they couldn't face another big meal. The Butterfly & the Pig is cool and quirky, I just love its ecliptic style. The menu is very comprehensive - not only can you choose from brunch items you can also have sandwiches too.

I decided to go for the full veggie breakfast (minus the mushrooms) and my companion went for the full breakfast. As I've eaten here before I'm not unaccustomed to the huge portions, however when the food was put before us and we were asked did we need anything else - I did say maybe two more people to help us eat the food. My veggie breakfast comprised of tomatoes, potato scones, spinach, scrambled eggs, a rice (risotto) mix, beans and toast. Everything was very tasty, but I must say they do the nicest scrambled eggs ever! I was a bit dubious about tasting the risotto mix but I was pleasantly surprised with it. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish it all as there was so much on the plate but it was great. My companion had the full breakfast and it was ginormous, he said it was really tasty but he wasn't able to finish it either. We also had some coffee's and orange juice. Food Rating:- 4.5/5.

As always the service was impeccable, the staff here are so friendly and very engaging. Everything arrives promptly and there is always someone to hand if you need something. Service Rating 5/5.

As stated when we first arrived it was unusually quiet and as I come here regularly I understand that this is not normally the case. So this meant that the atmosphere was a little muted but that didn't bother me. Whilst we were eating people started arriving in. It is certainly a great place for a group to eat, they have the space to accommodate large groups and so many different nooks and crannies to sit in. As I've said (maybe more than once in this post) I do love this place and love its quirkiness, however just be aware that to some it might look a bit dark and dull. Atmosphere Rating 4/5.

From my limited exposure to other places for brunch I would think that £10 for a full breakfast is at the upper limit of the price scale, however for the quality of the food (& quantity) and the service it is really worth it. The portions are huge! I've had sandwiches here before too and the portion was just as big.  Price Rating 4.5/5.

Last Words
I love this place and it is certainly worth a visit (or even regular visits). The only disappointing thing for me is that in my quest to review restaurants I may not get to go here as often because I'm sure you don't want to be reading a weekly blog about how AMAZING this place is.

Just for the record - they put a jug of water on your table (if you've read my about me post you will get this and understand why this is worth commenting on).

Total rating: 18 out of 20!

Restaurant details:-

The Butterfly & the Pig at the Corona,
1039 Pollokshaws Road,
G41 3YF

Phone: 0141 632 6230

Visited: Sunday, 3 January 2016

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai x

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  1. the best thing about my weekends is brunches. i find it to be a way to connect with myself better. and these prices and place seem very convenient. i would love to try it. keep blogging.