Friday 19 February 2016

Brunch at Eat Deli, Shawlands, Southside, Glasgow

We were heading out for Saturday brunch and as we hadn't made any bookings, we decided to live life on the wild side and take a stroll around Shawlands to see what little gem we could find. The first place we came across was Eat Deli, we went in and were lucky enough as they had one free table. The restaurant looks lovely and has a cosy look about it - the tables are pretty close together so I had to take a deep breath in as I squeezed between two tables to get into my seat, thankfully I managed not to knock everything off the table. Unfortunately this is a bit of a mixed review - whilst the food was great and the restaurant looks nice I'm not so sure about the rest of it, it just left me with a bit of a flat feeling.


I ordered what has now become my 'usual' - poached eggs, a slice of brown toast, tomatoes, beans and spinach. Mr EmmaEats ordered the full breakfast. My eggs were cooked to perfection - the white was lovely and solid and the yolk was lovely and runny. The spinach was so tasty and really well cooked. It was certainly once of the nicest breakfasts I've had since the new year.

Mr EmmaEats loved his breakfast and said everything was cooked to perfection. There is no toast in the picture but the breakfast did come with toast.

Food Rating:- 5/5.


I will start off by saying that the staff were not rude but I would certainly not have classed them as friendly either. There were no smiles or any other sort of niceties. Whilst the restaurant was busy the staff didn't appear to be rush of their feet so I could find no explanation for the lack of warm welcome. I found it a little off putting to be honest. My next issue was to do with a glass of water or lack of a glass of water (I can see you roll your eyes whilst thinking here she goes again) but seriously how hard is it to give me a glass of water when I order one - I had to ask a second time which really annoys me. If you have read my about me section you will know that this is my pet hate. Our coffee order was also only taken when we were placing our food order, I think I have become accustomed to having my drinks order taken and then being left to look at the food menu - so maybe I'm just being a bit pedantic here. The food arrived out shortly after ordering. Service Rating:- 2/5.


Again, I'm just not so sure about the atmosphere, whilst I think that the restaurant has a cosy look about it - I don't necessarily think it is cosy. I had a hot air vent blowing onto the backs of my legs - now I'm the coldest creature in the world and I was so delighted with this extra bit of heat - but the novelty soon wore off (after about a minute), the heat was just way too intense and I had to sit with my legs to the side of me. Mr EE was at the far side of the table and in fairness it took him a while longer to feel the intense heat. The table next to us had become available so we asked the waiter could we move because of the heat and he informed us that there was a switch beside the vent which we could use to turn off the heater. We very eagerly turned off the hot air, however nearly as soon as I did we could feel a huge cold breeze so we spent our time there turning on and off the heater trying to regulate our temperature. There was a nice buzz around the place, lots of chatter although we could clearly hear what the people at the other tables were talking about (which sometimes can be very entertaining). Atmosphere Rating:- 3/5.


The price of the brunch was your average price (I have misplaced the receipt and I can't actually recall how much it cost but I remember thinking that it was a good price). Price Rating:- 5/5.

Last Words

I'm just not so sure about this place. The food is lovely but the rest of it appears to be lacking and I can't seem to get excited about it at all. I won't rule out going back here as the food was lovely but I'm looking for the whole dining experience and unfortunately that was lacking on this visit. Total Rating:- 15 out of 20.

Date Visited: Saturday, 30 January 2016

Restaurant Details:

Eat Deli,
69 Kilmarnock Road,

Website:- Eat Deli Website
Telephone: 0141 649 6705

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai xx

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