Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pre Theatre Menu - Alston Bar & Beef, Glasgow

Hello there!! It has been a quiet few months for the blog but life has been nothing but crazy (crazy in a good way thankfully). As life has been so busy I haven't really had much time to visit new places or even sit down to write up some blogs. However, when I received the invite to visit Alston Bar & Beef to try out their new pre theatre menu I cleared the decks and made myself available. I had previously visited Alston Bar & Beef and loved everything about it so I jumped at the opportunity to revisit it. Another reason to be excited was that I was going along with Claire from What Claire Baked and Emma & Mark from Foodie Explorers. I was so excited to catch up with them.

So if you have read my previous post about Alston Bar and Beef you will know that I loved everything about it, from the minute I walked in to when I was leaving, you can read the post by clicking here. I felt like I was gaining access to the restaurant by crossing through Platform 9 & 3/4s (if you haven't been living under a stone for that last decade or so you will know what I'm talking about). Another thing I love about the entrance is that once you have gone down the stairs the first thing you are greeted with is the kitchen - I do love an open kitchen. I love the vibe of the restaurant, it is cool and quirky and just such a lovely place to sit back and relax.

So as I said we were there to sample the new pre theatre menu, this is served Monday - Thursday 12pm - 6.30pm and Saturday between 12pm - 4pm. The price of this menu is really good, you can get 1 course for £10, 2 courses for £13 and 3 courses for £16. There is a good selection of dishes for each course which will cater to everyones taste.

To start the night off I went for a lovely gin cocktail - the cocktail menu was so extensive that I just asked our very friendly waitress to recommend one for me - after a few questions I decided on the Raspberry Royale Cocktail ... this was delicious and went down way too easily. So onto the main event, the food....

For starters I went for the crispy goats cheese with pickled beets, heritage tomatoes & salsa verde. I will admit I'm a sucker for goats cheese and beetroot so I'm generally easily pleased with this dish. This dish was so tasty and everything was really full of flavour, I would definitely have it again (and again). For my main I decided to try something else other than steak - I've been here before for steak and loved it but I find I'm increasingly getting messages from people saying that they are meat eaters but their friends/mother/cousin etc are vegetarian and is there anywhere that can cater for everyone. So this time I decided to see if Alston was tasty for non meat eaters also and I went for the grilled vegetable linguine with black olive & tomato sauce w/garlic oil. I really enjoyed this dish, again it was really fresh and tasty. I would advise that it is a huge portion (but don't fear I managed to eat it ALL).

So as if all the food wasn't enough, I had dessert - I had to have it, for research purposes obviously. So I went for the chocolate, almond & sea salt brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. This was another great dish, it was so tasty and that little pot of chocolate .... omg it was just yum.

To help wash down the meal I had some red wine, a lovely Argentinian Malbec. The service here was really good .... stop rolling your eyes .... I can hear you say 'of course it was good because they knew they had a table of bloggers' so just check my previous review where I said service was great .... and Alston Bar & Beef didn't know I was visiting that time.

So all in all I loved my meal here, the pre theatre is certainly amazing value and you should definitely check it out.

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Date Visited: Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Restaurant Details:-
Alston Bar & Beef,
Central Station,
79 Gordon Street,
G1 3SQ.

Website: click here
Telephone: 0141 221 7627

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

Disclaimer: As I was invited to review the new pre theatre menu I did not pay for my meal. However, all opinions expressed are my own and based on my experience on the night.

Another disclaimer: my photos are shocking 😂😂 the lovely romantic lighting in Alston is a food bloggers worst nightmare but I did my best.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

EmmaEats on Tour: Dundee Part 3

So hopefully you have read the first and second part of my trip to Dundee. The first part of the blog told you about about my lunch at Jute Cafe Bar and my stay in the Malmaison and can be viewed here. The second part was all about my amazing dinner at Bridgeview Station which can be viewed here and this part tells you all about my lovely lunch at Castlehill. I was only in Dundee for a little over 24 hours so I didn't manage to get to a lot of restaurants but I did my best. It is somewhere that I definitely want to go back to.

I woke up with a bit of quandary on Saturday morning - brunch is my favourite meal of the week, I just love the whole concept of a long lazy brunch, however there were so many restaurants that I wanted to try out and none of them were doing brunch so I had to suck it up and miss my Saturday brunch. Don’t feel too sorry for me though … I managed to have a lovely lunch at Castlehill. So after I checked out of the Malmaison Dundee I didn't feel like I was ready for a full lunch so I decided to do some more wandering around Dundee before going for food. It was a lovely dry morning so it was great just to stroll around and take in all the sights and atmosphere. 

Once I had worked up a bit of an appetite I decided to head towards the restaurant, I hadn't booked Castlehill so I was a little concerned that I wouldn't get in but thankfully they were able to take me. The restaurant is really pretty, everything is lovely and fresh. I was seated down the back of the restaurant and given the menu's. I could choose from either the tasting menu or the general lunch menu. 

As I wasn't overly hungry I decided to order off the lunch menu. The lunch menu caters to everyone's taste with meat, fish and vegetable offerings. I didn't have any starter and went straight to my main course of roasted beetroot - fig, goats curd & truffle honey. I am a big fan of beetroot and goats curd at the best of times but oh my god this dish was sensational. It was just an explosion of flavours. It was also such a pretty dish. Everything about it was just prefect and it was the right size. It thankfully even left me with a bit of room to have a dessert (yes I know in the previous paragraph I was just saying that I wasn't overly hungry). 

There are three desserts on the menu and to be honest I liked the look of them all so I asked the waitress for her recommendation and then it was settled, I was having the Chocolate - coffee, rapessed & jelly dessert. This was again a great dish - everything worked really well together. However, I must admit I found the texture of the jelly a little funny - but I am odd with textures (I can't eat mushrooms because of the way they feel). To finish my meal I had a lovely coffee. 

The food, service and atmosphere here is great. The staff were so friendly and helpful and nothing was any trouble for them. I definitely want to come back here for dinner the next time I find myself up this way. 

So once again with a full belly I took another stroll around Dundee before starting the trek back to Troon on the train. I really enjoyed my trip to Dundee and having the opportunity to sample the food offerings was great. It would appear that Dundee has a great food scene - one that is growing and being recognised as a place to visit for food.

Don't forget to check out parts 1 & 2.

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

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To find out more about Castlehill visit there restaurant by clicking here

Date visited: Saturday, 18 March 2017