Sunday 31 January 2016

Dinner at Stravaigin, West End, Glasgow

Well what can I say about this place ... it is now my favourite place to eat in Glasgow and you should really try it out! It's not somewhere that you would go for a quick, cheap and cheerful meal. You go here if you are looking for good quality food and are willing to pay a little extra for an amazing dining experience. Stravaigin prides itself on it's menu which showcases Scottish food however, there was a little treat on the menu for me... Cashel Blue Cheese. Cashel is a town in Tipperary, Ireland and I grew up in a town nearby called Thurles - so there was a little bit of home on the menu for me. Its a long way or so the songs says ... ;-) There is also another cheese on the menu from Cork!

When you enter Stravaigin you enter at the cafe/pub level, the restaurant is down the stairs which is straight in front of you. Once downstairs the first thing you will see is the open kitchen - I do love an open kitchen - I love to have a little nose to see how they are doing things. We were a party of four and had made a booking, I would certainly recommend making a booking. We were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who brought us to our table. It was a lovely large table, out of the way in a corner. Mr EmmaEats did comment that maybe it was a bit wide and it might be difficult to talk to those sitting opposite us, and initially I thought the same but we were so wrong - it was such a comfortable spot and there was loads of room for all our food.

So we were provided with the menus and the wine list. Whilst we were having a look at the menus a jug of water was brought down to the table (thumbs up from me). We had a number of questions about the food and our waiter was very knowledgable about the menu and was able to answer all our questions.

For starters we ordered toasted corn bread, Stravaigin's own haggis (x2) and a cullen skink (from the specials menu). I had the haggis and thought it was lovely - however on my initial bite I found the texture of the haggis a little unusual but I got over that. The neeps and mash were delicious and very smooth and silky. Mr EmmaEats had the toasted corn bread, when it was put down in front of him I thought that it was a little on the small side however, I was informed that what it may have lacked in size it certainly made up for it on the taste front. Noreen had the cullen skink and said it was so tasty.

For main course we had the roasted onion squash, seared Pentland pheasant breast and cervelat and char-grilled 8oz rump steak (x2). We also had sides of amchur and black salt potatoes (x2) and deep fried broccoli and cauliflower, toum, tabbouleh. I had the roasted onion squash, my first observation was that it was beautifully presented. The colours on the dish were just amazing, it looked perfect. As well as looking great, it tasted great - it was just an explosion of flavour in my mouth. Noreen had the seared Pentland pheasant breast and cervelat - again the colours on the plate were amazing and it was also beautifully presented. Noreen said that it was a great dish. The men went for the char-grilled 8oz rump steak - this to was very well presented and very colourful on the plate. The boys were very impressed with their steaks and said that they were cooked to their liking. The side dishes were so tasty, I really loved the potatoes however the deep fried broccoli and cauliflower were amazing. The dish was so unusual and was really tasty.

In between the main course and dessert we were brought out complimentary amuse bouche. The amuse bouche was so tasty however because I was so busy catching up with my friends I can't remember what flavour it was but I do remember that it was so tasty. It was garnished with fennel and orange rind - I just remember thinking that the orange rind was delicious.

For dessert we had Stravaigin's own ice-cream (x2) and chocolate and caramel delice (x2). The boys had the ice-cream (my photo doesn't do it justice) and when it was placed in front of them I was immediately regretting my choice. It was so pretty and I did have a little sneaky taste (Mr EmmaEats DOES NOT SHARE), I can confirm the ice cream was delicious. Noreen and I had the chocolate and caramel delice. The dessert was beautifully presented and had loads going on. I loved what was on the top of the dessert, the cinnamon marshmallows, burnt orange and frosted pecans however I was not so sure about the delice. Don't get me wrong it was tasty but again I wasn't so sure about the texture - but I think this is just a personal thing for me, I don't think there was anything actually wrong with the dessert. Noreen really enjoyed her delice.

During the meal we had a lovely bottle of Rioja Reserva, a G&T and four americano's with hot milk to finish.

Food Rating:- 4.5/5.

The service was absolutely impeccable. Stravaigin clearly values training staff and ensuring that the customer enjoys every aspect of the dining experience. The food was well timed, we had time between each course to relax but didn't get to the stage where we were dying for the next course to come out. Something that really impressed me while I was there (and my other companions may not have even noticed this) but my friends scarf fell off the back of her chair, I observed the waiter pick the scarf up, fold it and place it on the back of her chair without disturbing her. I also noted this happening with another customer. Whilst I know this is only a small thing but the attention to detail of the staff was very good, they were walking around with their eyes open and not hoping that someone else would deal with things. Service Rating:- 5/5.

I will admit that when I was walking down the stairs I was a little apprehensive about eating 'underground'. However, there was no need to feel apprehensive, the restaurant is a lovely space. It is a little dark and I felt the ceiling was low but the decor was lovely, if not a little unusual. On the wall right behind Mr EmmaEats were 3 colanders which on occasion he hit his head off. As the night went on and more and more wine was consumed I did become fearful that they may be taken off the wall. I can confirm (thankfully) that the colanders are firmly secured and cannot be removed (boys never grow up). Atmosphere Rating:- 4.5/5.

Our total bill was £215.40. For a party of four, with three courses, coffee, wine, good quality food and amazing service, I think the price was very appropriate for the dining experience in Stravaigin. Again its not somewhere you go for a cheap and cheerful meal, you will spend money here but it is worth it. Price Rating:- 5/5.

Last Words
This is certainly fine dining and my favourite meal in Glasgow to date. This is somewhere that really cares about the dining experience whilst celebrating the Scottish food scene. We were at our table for a number of hours and not once were we made feel like we had to leave our table. In relation to the menu I feel I should say that whilst I had plenty to choose from, I do wonder if a fussy eater would find something suitable (I have my mother in mind), but I think this is the case in most fine dining restaurants. This place is well worth a visit - you will be missing out if you don't. Total Rating:- 19 out of 20.

Date visited: 15 January 2016

Restaurant Details:-

28 Gibson Street,
G12 8NX

Website:- Stravaigin website
Telephone:- 0141 334 2665

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai xx

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Lunch at CAU, Glasgow

So on a recommendation from Little Miss Glasgow Girl I headed to CAU for lunch. I had two friends over from Ireland for a few days - one of them was my foodie partner in crime when I lived in Dublin so I wanted to make sure that she experienced the best that the Glasgow foodie scene had to offer. We arrived just after the lunch rush, many tables were still full but the place was beginning to quieten down. CAU is bright, modern, funky and looks so clean. The interior is a mix of blues, greens, browns and whites. It has unusual light and wall fittings. There is seating on two levels - mind you there was no one sitting upstairs. We were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who brought us to our table and provided us with our menus. While we were looking over the extensive menu the waiter brought down a jug of water for the table. My friends husband was mesmerised by the glasses - they had grips on the outside of them. He asked me to make a special mention to the glasses in my review, so Martin I made this random observation just for you! So after changing our minds a number of times in relation to what we were going to order (as there is so many amazing things on the menu) we decided to place our order. I'd say the poor waiter was wishing that he had rang in sick that day. He certainly deserves an award for being the most patient waiter. As I was on my health kick I was being a bit fussy about the way I wanted things cooked, however the waiter took it all in his stride (I would seriously love to know what he was thinking as I was placing my order). You will see from the pictures below (excuse the pictures, I'm still on a learning curve) that there is an extensive menu and they also have an express quick lunch menu. We all picked from the main food menu.


So as I was still on my healthy buzz I had three sides for my lunch. I ordered the baked sweet potato (minus the butter), garden peas and tenderstem broccoli (minus the butter). Everything was cooked to perfection and tasted so good. I didn't even feel that I was missing out on anything. I probably didn't even need the three side dishes as the portions were so big. I loved the presentation of the food also, especially the slate that the sweet potatoes came on.

My foodie partner in crime went for the spicy ground beef and onion empanadas, Spanish chorizo and cream cheese empanadas and roasted mushrooms. Noreen really enjoyed her lunch, she said that the empanadas were full of flavour. I particularly loved the presentation of the mushrooms - I thought the dish they came in was so cute.

Finally my friends husband went for the Buenos Aires Burger. As you can see from the photo the burger is very substantial and the chunky chips are really chunky! Martin loved his burger, he said it was very tasty.

After the big feed and because we were going out for dinner that evening we all decided against have a dessert. There is a great selection of desserts and I will definitely have one the next time I visit. Food Rating:- 4.5/5.


The service was impeccable, really friendly staff, no request seemed too difficult. Food came out very quickly and we were able to have a bit of banter with the waiter. Service Rating:- 5/5


The atmosphere was great here, even when the crowds had headed back to work there were still a few tables with people at them which created a nice little buzz around the place. I can only imagine what it would be like when the place is full - the word electric springs to mind. The only disappointment was that there did seem to be a bit of a draft on our backs and we were sitting away from the window but other than that the place was great. Once we had finished eating we just sat at the table having a chat and not once were we made feel unwelcome or that we should leave. Atmosphere Rating:- 4/5.

The total cost of the meal was £50.44. For lunch for three adults I think that this was very reasonable. As well as food it also included a CAU G&T and two minerals. The quality of the food was very good and there was plenty of food on our plates. Price Rating:- 4.5/5.

Last Words

This place was really great. Again a big shout out to the waiter who served us on the day who happily took my fussy order (I wish I had taken his name to give him a proper shout out). I have been to places before where requesting that something is left off your plate is like requesting the waiters kidney, but I got no such reaction here in CAU (I'm hoping the chef didn't give the waiter any grief though). I'm looking forward to bringing Mr EmmaEats here for dinner sometime in the near future. Total Rating:- 18/20.

Restaurant Details:-

CAU Glasgow,
Unit 1 222 - 224 Ingram Street,
G1 3BX.

Website:- CAU Website
Telephone:- 0141 2216 272

Date visited:- Friday, 15 January 2016

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai x

Friday 22 January 2016

Brunch at Lido, Troon (Buzzworks)

I was meeting friends for brunch in Troon and we decided to head to the old faithful - Lido. Lido is part of Buzzworks Holdings, I've recently reviewed their new venture, The Mill House, Stewarton (review of dinner at the Mill House).

Lido is a very stylish and elegant restaurant with clean crisp decor. It is very big and can cater for private dining. We were a party of four and were seated at one of the booths. 


Lido have an extensive breakfast menu that is served daily from 8.30am to 12 noon. They serve everything from porridge, pancakes, beans on toast to the traditional full breakfast. As I am trying to eat a bit healthier for January I went for brown toast, poached eggs and beans (I didn't even put the butter on my toast). Whilst this may not look very exciting to some, it was tasty. I had asked for my poached eggs to be firm and thankfully they came out to me as I had requested.  

Mr EmmaEats went for the 'buzz' works breakfast (he is also on the same healthy buzz that I am on for January - I can't remember his excuse for the full breakfast but I'm sure it was a good one - oh I think it was something to do with black pudding being a superfood now). As you can see from the photo below the 'buzz' works breakfast is very big - you have everything in it: eggs (done the way you want them), pudding, potato scone, bacon, sausages, beans, tomato and toast. Mr EE really enjoyed his breakfast and said that it filled him up for the day. The one complaint from the others at the table was the fact that the butter is straight from the fridge and does not spread on the toast - I have experienced this before. It could do with being left out at room temperature for a while before being given to a customer (I don't know, maybe it is for health and safety reasons but I've had soft real butter in other restaurants). Food rating 4/5.


To say that I was a little disappointed with the service is an understatement. I have been here many times before and service has never been an issue but on this particular Saturday it was pretty poor. I will admit, they were very busy but there was plenty of staff working so I can't understand this slip in standards. I felt our food and drinks were just dropped on our table and if you were going to ask the waiter for something he/she was gone before you had the opportunity. I asked for a glass of water when I was placing my coffee order and got same. However, when I needed more water I had to ask for a refill - on my forth attempt to ask for water I asked what may have been a manager (different uniform to wait staff). I told her that I had asked for water three times already. She promptly brought down a glass of water to me. I felt that while I was looking for water my companions were also on the look out to try to catch the attention of the wait staff for me - this shouldn't have happened. Service Rating 3/5.


There is a lovely atmosphere in Lido, there is always plenty of people here to create a good buzz around the place. The restaurant itself it very stylish and always very clean. Atmosphere Rating 4/5.


The price of food is very reasonable with the 'buzz' works breakfast only costing £5.95. Price Rating 4/5.

Last Words

Unfortunately this time I really didn't enjoy my breakfast at Lido. Whilst the food was fine, it really annoyed me that I had to spend so much of my time trying to get a glass of water. As well as food being very important to me, the experience in the restaurant is just as important. Neither I nor my companions could relax because every time a member of staff walked by we were trying to get their attention just so I could have a drink of water. However, I wouldn't let this put me off visiting again, as I have said, I've been here plenty of times before and service was not an issue, but this rating is based on my most current visit. Total Rating:- 15 out of 20.

Restaurant Details:-

11-17 West Portland Street,
KA10 6AB.

Telephone:- 01292 310 088

Date visited - Saturday, 9 January 2016.

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai x

Sunday 17 January 2016

Lunch at the Wild Olive Tree, Glasgow

I found myself in town for a few hours last week waiting on an urgent passport application. I already had a very tasty and filling breakfast at the Tea Rooms (Review of breakfast at the Tea Rooms) earlier in the day so I wasn't overly hungry, but when the clock strikes 1pm my body is looking for food whether I'm hungry or not. I had been to the Wild Olive Tree for coffee when I was Christmas shopping and I had liked the look of the place so I decided to go there for a bowl of soup.

The Wild Olive Tree is a social enterprise that creates training placements for those who want to develop skills. The enterprise puts any profit back into the local community to help Glasgow's most vulnerable people. It also operates a pay it forward type scheme - what this means is that you can buy an extra coffee, scone or soup with your meal which will then be offered to someone who is unable to pay for it. I was advised that the cafe has its regulars who come in to avail of the prepaid food however, if you pay for a meal they will provide you with a card that you can hand to someone who you think would appreciate a prepaid meal.

The Wild Olive Tree is quite unique in that it is located in the sanctuary of St George's Tron Church of Scotland. At certain time during the week people gather here to worship. 


As I was only refuelling after a big breakfast I just went for the soup. There are four soup options, four different types of scones and three variety of cakes to choose from everyday. I decided to go for the lentil soup with some brown bread (you can also have a scone with your soup). The soup was very tasty and very filling! I liked the consistency of the soup, it was nice and thick but not in the baby food way - it was still more liquid that pureed veg! It certainly warmed me up on a cold and chilly day. Food Rating:- 5/5.


The service was very quick and efficient! Even though we went in at lunch time, we got a seat - just outside of the main cafe area in the sanctuary. Once seated the waitress was over to leave a jug of water on the table (which of course made me very happy) and to take our order. You don't really need a lot of time to mull over the menu. Our food came out very quickly - maybe too quickly but I'm sure if I was on my lunch break from work I would have wanted it to come out as quick as possible. Service Rating:- 5/5.


The place is very bright and clean - it has quite a minimalist vibe but I'm guessing any other sort of interior would clash with the sanctuary. As I said it is very calm and peaceful in here. Some part of me does find it strange that the cafe and the sanctuary are so close but I actually think it works. Atmosphere Rating:- 4/5.


The soup (along with all the other options on the menu) was very reasonably priced. The price of the soup was £3.50. Price Rating:- 5/5.

Last Words 

This place is definitely worth a visit for either just a coffee, scone and/or soup. It is certainly a nice calm reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Buchanan Street. Total Rating:- 19/20.

Restaurant Details:-

The Wild Olive Tree,
St George's Tron Church of Scotland,
163 Buchanan Street,
G1 2JX.

Phone:- 0141 229 5746.

Date visited: Wednesday, 6 January 2016.

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai x

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Breakfast at the Tea Rooms, Bath Street, Glasgow

Due to the unexpected urgent need for a passport I found myself in Glasgow city centre with a spare few hours, so I decided to treat myself to breakfast in the Tea Rooms (Butterfly and & the Pig) on Bath Street, Glasgow. This is such a pretty place, like its sister at the Corona it is cool, funky and a little ecliptic.

There is a good choice on the menu ranging from porridge to pancakes to a full breakfast. There is also a cake cabinet however I averted my eyes just in case I was tempted (as it is NEVER too early for cake). While we were looking over the menu our tea and coffee came out. I just loved the presentation of my tea and I was pleasantly surprised at the large amount of water in the tea pot (clearly I'm just obsessed with water).


For my midweek breakfast I decided to have the porridge and fruit, Mr EmmaEats (I've been told he doesn't like being referred to as 'companion' so it's now Mr EmmaEats or Mr EE - for the moment) had poached eggs on brown toast. My large bowl of porridge came out with a lovely selection of fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants), with side dishes of honey and milk. The porridge was well made and had a lovely consistency - it wasn't stodgy or sticky. The large portion certainly set me up for the day.

Mr EmmaEats poached eggs and toast (the first time) were not a good as my porridge. When Mr EE cut into the egg, the white of the egg was not cooked properly and a flood of white watery stuff oozed out onto his plate. We spoke to the waitress who quickly removed the plate and stated that she would bring out a fresh plate - she queried whether he was happy to go with the poached eggs again or did he want something else - he was happy to have the poached eggs. Whilst we were waiting for the poached eggs the waitress set down clean cutlery for Mr EE and apologised for the inconvenience. In no time at all the poached eggs were brought out on a fresh plate of toast (yes I have been to places before where they only remove the item that you complained about and don't provide you with a fresh plate). The eggs were cooked to Mr EE's satisfaction this time. Food Rating 3.5/5.


The service in the Tea Rooms is very good and I was very impressed with the way the waitress dealt with the undercooked poached eggs. Laying out a fresh knife and fork was a very nice touch. Service Rating 5/5.


The Tea Rooms is a very welcoming, chilled out space with no rush on customers. As you can see from the photo above it is a little ecliptic. There are two eating areas - the main area which you can see in the photo and then there is also some additional seating in the hallway (again this just lends itself to the ecliptic style of the place). The bathrooms located down a cold dark stairway. Atmosphere Rating 4/5.


As well as breakfast we had two coffee's and one tea. I thought our breakfast was very reasonably priced. Food Rating 4.5/5.

Last words ...

This place is certainly worth a visit and like I have said in the 'about me' section of the blog, I don't expect everything to be perfect all the time - it is how the restaurant deals with the issue that is important to me and I could not fault their response. Total Rating:- 17.

Restaurant Details

The Tea Rooms,
151 Bath Street,
G2 4SQ.

Phone: 0141 243 2459

Visited Wednesday 6 January 2016.

Thanks for reading

Emma mai x


I visited the Tea Rooms again on Friday, 15 January 2016. I had guests visiting (one of whom was my foodie partner in crime when I was on the food trail in Dublin) and I had planned to go to another restaurant in the West End for breakfast but due to the no show of the chef we had to head somewhere else. So I decided to bring my guests to the good old reliable Tea Rooms. I'm not going to go into another lengthy review but thought I would write a quick update.

I would rate the service, atmosphere and price the same as above. In relation to the food - there were four of us, the two men had full breakfasts, my foodie partner in crime had the kippers and I just had poached eggs, beans and tomatoes. All the food was great and my poached eggs came out cooked to perfection. So for this visit I would rate the food as 4.5/5.

So my total rating for this visit is 18/20.

Emma mai x

Thursday 7 January 2016

Brunch - The Butterfly & the Pig at the Corona, Shawlands

My favourite thing to do at the weekend is brunch (I can hear my 20 something year old self laughing at me - but yes brunch is one of the highlights of my weekend). I've been in Scotland a little over 6 months now and the Butterfly & the Pig, Shawlands has been a regular haunt for brunch. I really love everything about this place so I'm probably a little biased towards it.

We went to the Butterfly & Pig for our last big blow out before the end of the Christmas season! We arrived into an unusually empty restaurant, however we were there for opening so it was a little early - everyone else was clearly so full of food they couldn't face another big meal. The Butterfly & the Pig is cool and quirky, I just love its ecliptic style. The menu is very comprehensive - not only can you choose from brunch items you can also have sandwiches too.

I decided to go for the full veggie breakfast (minus the mushrooms) and my companion went for the full breakfast. As I've eaten here before I'm not unaccustomed to the huge portions, however when the food was put before us and we were asked did we need anything else - I did say maybe two more people to help us eat the food. My veggie breakfast comprised of tomatoes, potato scones, spinach, scrambled eggs, a rice (risotto) mix, beans and toast. Everything was very tasty, but I must say they do the nicest scrambled eggs ever! I was a bit dubious about tasting the risotto mix but I was pleasantly surprised with it. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish it all as there was so much on the plate but it was great. My companion had the full breakfast and it was ginormous, he said it was really tasty but he wasn't able to finish it either. We also had some coffee's and orange juice. Food Rating:- 4.5/5.

As always the service was impeccable, the staff here are so friendly and very engaging. Everything arrives promptly and there is always someone to hand if you need something. Service Rating 5/5.

As stated when we first arrived it was unusually quiet and as I come here regularly I understand that this is not normally the case. So this meant that the atmosphere was a little muted but that didn't bother me. Whilst we were eating people started arriving in. It is certainly a great place for a group to eat, they have the space to accommodate large groups and so many different nooks and crannies to sit in. As I've said (maybe more than once in this post) I do love this place and love its quirkiness, however just be aware that to some it might look a bit dark and dull. Atmosphere Rating 4/5.

From my limited exposure to other places for brunch I would think that £10 for a full breakfast is at the upper limit of the price scale, however for the quality of the food (& quantity) and the service it is really worth it. The portions are huge! I've had sandwiches here before too and the portion was just as big.  Price Rating 4.5/5.

Last Words
I love this place and it is certainly worth a visit (or even regular visits). The only disappointing thing for me is that in my quest to review restaurants I may not get to go here as often because I'm sure you don't want to be reading a weekly blog about how AMAZING this place is.

Just for the record - they put a jug of water on your table (if you've read my about me post you will get this and understand why this is worth commenting on).

Total rating: 18 out of 20!

Restaurant details:-

The Butterfly & the Pig at the Corona,
1039 Pollokshaws Road,
G41 3YF

Phone: 0141 632 6230

Visited: Sunday, 3 January 2016

Thanks for reading.

Emma mai x

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Dinner at Buzzworks Restaurant: The Mill House, Stewarton

He had me at ‘do you want a jug of water’ …

Buzzworks have a number of restaurants in the area and I have eaten in them quite often. They recently opened a new venture, The Mill House in Stewarton which I was really looking forward to trying out. Buzzworks have their restaurants tastefully decorated, they all look slightly different but all are decorated to a very high standard and the Mill House did not disappoint. The dining area is nice and bright, with a very chic and stylish look. There are different seating options and we were seated in a booth in a nice quiet corner. We were provided with the menu’s - a festive dinner menu and the a la carte menu. If you have read the about me section of my blog you will know that my pet hate is being left with an empty glass of water when having dinner. So when the waiter was taking my drinks orders, I ordered a glass of water - to which he responded 'would you like me to leave a jug of water on the table' - music to my ears!!

The Food

There is an extensive menu to choose from with plenty of different options available.

For starters both myself and my companion ordered the deep fried breaded brie. This was beautifully presented (unfortunately I’m not the best at taking photos so the picture may not do it justice). Whilst it was very tasty there was something about it that I wasn’t so sure about. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I think it might have been the contrast of the warm brie and cold port and redcurrant sauce.

For mains I had the slow cooked lamb roast and my companion had the good old reliable - the three cheese macaroni with bacon. My lamb was cooked to perfection, as were the vegetables - there was still a bit of a bite to them (I dislike mushy veg). The mashed potatoes were so creamy and delicious, there were so morish. Finally, the gravy perfectly complimented the dish. My companion was also very happy with his three cheese macaroni and bacon dish. We also ordered a portion of the chilli and parmesan fries (you cannot go to a Buzzworks restaurant and not order these), they were very tasty but the portion sizes are very big so they really were not needed.

For research purposes (of course) I had to have a desert, so we decided to share a salted caramel meringue sundae. I’m not the biggest dessert person, especially straight after a meal but I must admit I really enjoyed the sundae. All the different components worked really well together. There was crushed oreo biscuits, toasted marshmallows, tablet and vanilla ice cream, wafer and sprinkles. We even managed to finish it off. Food Rating 4/5.

The Service

The service was faultless, even though we were in a quiet corner if we needed a waiter there was always one nearby. The food was brought to our table promptly and in general the staff were well trained and very friendly. Service Rating 5/5.


There was a great buzz around the place and noise levels were not too high. As stated above the surroundings were lovely and very chic. Atmosphere Rating 5/5.


I found the meal to be very reasonable given the high quality of the food, the size of the portions and the well trained staff. Price Rating 5/5.      

Last words

This place is certainly worth a visit, well done to all involved - I would give it a total rating of 19 out of 20.   

Restaurant Details:-

The Mill House,
4 Dean Street,
KA3 5EQ.

Phone: +44 (0) 1560 482 255