Monday 29 February 2016

Dinner at Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

So you rarely go an hour without seeing some comment on social media about the amazing burgers in Glasgow. I'm not the biggest fan of burgers myself so it's not something that I generally get excited about. I like the actual meat bit and dressing but I just don't get the bun - if I was getting a burger I would generally ask for it without the bun! However, Mr EmmaEats is a big burger fan so I decided we would try out one of the hottest burger spots around. As we were heading to dinner I was thinking to myself that I would get an extra side because I don't eat the bun .... well I ate my words, a bun and the extra sides ;-)

From reading things about this place on social media I was prepared to wait for a seat. As we arrived I could see a packed restaurant with easily 10 people queuing for seats - I was pretty hungry and thought it would take ages to get a seat. A very friendly waitress advised that there would be a wait of about 15 minute (music to my ears). She gave us menu's to look at while we were waiting. I would guess that we weren't even waiting for 15 minutes. The wait gave us plenty of time to decide what we were going to have. The wait also gave us time to take in the atmosphere and to get a sneak peak of the food.

They also do takeaways and while we were in the queue there were loads of people coming in and getting a takeaway. I think this is a great idea.

Ok so remember I said above that I wasn't going to have a bun with my burger, well I did and it just wasn't any ordinary bun, it was a burger in a DOUGHNUT. I mean seriously how amazing does that sound! So I ordered the Luther Burger and Mr EE had the Wolf of St Vincent Street, we also ordered sweet potatoes fries, the Glaspoutine and coleslaw. For drinks Mr EE went for the chocolate milkshake and I just had a large coke (& a glass of water). The food came out and my first thought was 'how are we going to eat all of this' and I must admit we struggled but probably ate more than we should have because it was all delicious. My Luther burger was so tasty - it tasted so sweet and I felt that the sweet tasting doughnut shouldn't work with the burger but oh my god it was delicious. It is a thin burger with american cheese, candied bacon, spicy beefy mayo and crispy fried onions. You have the choice of a single or double bullet, I just went for the one burger and it was the perfect size, I was able to pick it up and eat it without making too much of a mess. Mr EE loved his Wolf of St Vincent Street burger. This burger had american cheese, crispy bacon, pulled pork in BBQ sauce, crispy onions and 'ndjua sauce. He struggled with figuring out how to eat it without making a mess though. The burger was so big there was no way he was going to be able to just pick it up and eat it. What can I say about the glaspoutine (house cheese, fresh cheese curds & grated cheddar, topped with beefy gravy) - again it is something that sounds like it wouldn't work but again to my surprise they were amazing. It all just worked so well together. The sweet potato fries were also lovely and tasty and so was the coleslaw.

So we were stuffed after our meal and decided that we wouldn't be able to fit in a dessert. Mr EE suggested that we get a doughnut to share later on with a cup of tea. A few hours later Mr EE was still stuffed so when I suggested the doughnut he said he wasn't able for anymore food. For research reasons I still had to have my half of the doughnut, right?? (FYI I didn't eat as much as Mr EE during the meal). There are no words to describe the taste of the doughnut, it was sensational the texture of the doughnut was great, it was so fresh and the vanilla filling was awesome, it was so awesome I had to eat the whole doughnut. To be honest I nearly regret eating the doughnut as I know I'm going to be craving it again (and again and again ...). Food Rating:- 5/5.

The staff at Bread Meats Bread are nothing short of amazing - they work under a serious amount of pressure however they are so friendly and efficient. I cannot believe how quickly they turn over the tables. They are constantly negotiating their way around people queuing and it doesn't seem to bother them. Our service was quick and efficient. Service Rating:- 5/5.

The atmosphere is great. Its busy and vibrant and has a great buzz. It's somewhere that you'd go for a quick bite to eat (well leaving the queue for a seat aside). You wouldn't spend ages nursing a drink and having a good chat here. When queuing I must admit I sometimes felt that I was in the way of the staff - it didn't seem to bother them but I felt I was hopping out of the way constantly. Service Rating:- 4/5.

The price of food here is so reasonable especially when you consider the size of the portions and the quality of the food. Our total bill came to £33.20 and that included a doughnut, a milkshake and a large diet coke. Price Rating:- 5/5.

Last Words
What can I say that hasn't already been said about this place before - I don't think I can add to all the amazing reviews out there but I'll try... This place really is a must visit and that is coming from someone who is not the greatest burger lover. The burger was amazing, however I must admit the star of the night for me was the doughnut. I will definitely go back here and I have to say it again, the staff are amazing and they really make this place what it is. Total Rating 19/20.

Date of Visit: Friday, 26 February 2016

Restaurant Details:-
Bread Meats Bread,
104 St Vincent Street,
G2 5UB.

Website:- Bread Meats Bread Website
Telephone:- 0142 249 9898

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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  1. I'm definitely trying this place out, thanks for the heads up Emma xxx