Thursday 2 June 2016

Dinner at the Treehouse, Ayr (Buzzworks restaurant)

Given that the sun finally made an appearance I decided it was time to take my bike out for a spin (yes I am one of those fair weather cyclists). Mr EmmaEats and I dusted the cobwebs off our bikes on a sunny sunday evening and decided that we would cycle from Troon to Ayr. During the better weather we also try to get in one decent cycle every weekend - however what we normally do is cycle somewhere, have a meal and then cycle back. Neither one of us knows Ayr very well and I didn't have time to check out places to eat so we just decided that we would have a look around when we got there. The first place that we came across was the Treehouse and as we were reading the menu we thought that it looked very familiar and like a Buzzworks restaurant - and we were right. So off we went in our cycling gear (yes we did get some funny looks).

We tend to eat in Buzzworks restaurants very regularly and are quite familiar with their menus. So as I was looking through the menu I knew most of the dishes (and had tried a lot of them in other restaurants). So I suppose this is a bit of a drawback for me - I know some of the restaurants have their own dishes but in general I feel maybe they lack variation. But in saying that the food is good (clearly because we keep going back). After looking at the menu, I decided that I was going to try a dish that I had never had before - the cottage pie and Mr EE went for the southern fried chicken duo. My cottage pie, described as slow braised minced beef & vegetables, parsnip & potato mash & roast roots, was really delicious and very hearty. It all came out piping hot - the roast veg on the side were done to perfection with a nice bite still left to them (I dislike over done veg). When I first cut into the cottage pie I thought it looked a bit anaemic, the sauce/gravy was very pale, I would expect it to be a bit darker, so as I was putting it into my mouth I was expecting to find that I didn't like it at all. But thankfully it was really full of flavour and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mr EE's southern fried chicken duo, described as spiced, crumbed chicken breast & thigh, corn on the cob, slaw salad, garlic dip and cajun fries, was very tasty. He has had this a number of times and really enjoys it. 

We didn't have any starters or desserts as we are trying to be a bit healthier (but I must admit it took a lot of willpower). We just had coffee's to round off our meal. Food rating: 3.5/5.
Service was pretty good from the minute we walked in until we were finished. There was no issue with us arriving in our cycling gear. We were brought to our table immediately, given our menu's and our drinks and food orders were taken promptly. There were plenty of staff working so if you needed something there was always someone at hand. As we were paying the friendly waitress started up a conversation about cycling which I thought was a nice touch. Service rating: 4/5.

As with the other Buzzworks premises the Treehouse is tastefully decorated. Above the bar area you have what looks like a tree, with leaves on the ceiling - which I thought was pretty cool. The ceiling was also quiet high which gave a nice airy feeling to the place, however, even though it was a nice sunny bright evening I did think the place looked a bit dark. There was a mixture of high tables and low tables. There was a good crowd and a good flow of people coming and going, which lent itself to a nice buzz about the place. Female toilets were lacking a bit of something, they didn't fit in with the rest of the atmosphere, it was like they were forgotten about. Atmosphere rating:- 4/5 

As with all the other Buzzworks the price is very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food. For two mains, parmesan fries, two coffee's and a bottle of sparkling water it came to £34.45. Price rating:- 4/5.

Last Words
This is another lovely place by Buzzworks. The food, service and atmosphere is very good. I suppose I feel I would like a bit more variety between the restaurants but leaving that aside I do like going to their restaurants and I will be back to the Treehouse again. Total Rating:- 15.5 out of 20.

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Date Visited:- Sunday, 15 May 2016

Restaurant Details:-
67 - 69 Sandgate, 

Website: Treehouse Website
Telephone: 01292 288 500

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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