Tuesday 16 August 2016

Dinner at Mussel Inn, Hope Street, Glasgow

I was invited along to Mussel Inn to try out their dinner menu. I had walked by this place loads and it always seemed busy so I was really looking forward to trying it out. I don't eat huge quantities of fish, although it is something that I am trying to eat more of. 

We decided to go on a Monday evening and I wondered would the place be quiet - it certainly wasn't heaving with people but there were plenty of people seated and there was also a continuous flow of people coming and going. We were greeted by a very friendly member of staff and shown to our table. We were advised of the specials board and also given menus. 

I had looked at the menu before I went so I kinda knew exactly what I was going to have but I did have a quick look at the specials board and there were some serious contenders (namely the lobster). I decided to go for crab salad and the sea bass and Mr EmmaEats went for the fish cakes and the rump steak. Before we went we had decided that we would try out a non fish main because not everyone eats fish so we thought we'd let the non fish eaters know that there was something here for them too.

We weren't waiting very long when our starters came out. My crab salad look really pretty and it was a very decent sized portion. To be honest, this dish didn't really do much for me. I had somehow imagined that the crab would be warm (I stress the imagined bit as it was not mentioned on the menu). It was also my first time tasting crab and I don't think crab is for me. So whilst I didn't particularly enjoy this dish I don't think there was anything wrong with it, it just wasn't for me. Mr EE loved his fish cakes, I had a taste of them too and I thought they were lovely.

So next up were our mains. We were both blown away with our main dishes. My sea bass was delicious - everything about the dish was great. All the flavours worked well together. I felt it was another very generous portion. Mr EE loved his steak, he said it was a good piece of meat - he also loved the wedges that came with his dish. 

Whilst I had popped to the bathroom the waitress came over and gave Mr EE the dessert menu and informed him that all the desserts were homemade. She also advised that the chocolate torte was the most popular. So even before I got to look at the menu Mr EE had decided he was having the chocolate torte - so obviously to do my visit justice I had to go for another dessert. I decided to go with the coconut pannacotta. We also ordered two americano's. Whilst we were waiting on dessert I was thinking that I was so stuffed I probably wasn't going to be able to eat much of my dish ..... well that statement is a little hilarious as once I put the first bite of my pannacotta into my mouth I knew it didn't matter how full I was because I was just going to eat it all. It was melt in your mouth kinda stuff, just so tasty and smooth. Mr EE loved his chocolate torte, which had a strong orange flavour in it. I tasted it too and it was just as good as my dessert. Mr EE loved his coffee, however it just wasn't my cup of tea ;-) Food rating: 4/5. 

Service was great here. The staff were friendly and were always on hand if you needed them. I know you are thinking that maybe because I was invited there to try it out I got some special treatment, however I did keep a close eye on how the staff were interacting with other customers and I have to say they were just as friendly and attentive to them. Service rating: 5/5.

Atmosphere gets a bit of a mixed review - when we first walked in both our impressions of the place were that it looked very sterile. Whilst my sterile meant clean & crisp Mr EE's meant that he felt he was in a waiting room. We were seated at the front part of the restaurant where there is a high ceiling and all the windows are very big. I think this is where I got my sterile view from. However, there seemed to be a lot more warmth (and I'm not talking heat) at the seating area down the back and the seating upstairs. In saying that as there were plenty of people around there was a really good vibe in the place. Atmosphere rating: 3.5.

As I was invited here to review the restaurant no money was exchanged so I'm not going to rate the price. However from looking at the menu I would say that everything is reasonably priced and the portions are very generous. 

Last Words
This place has something for fish and meat eaters alike (and there is even vegetarian dishes on the menu too). It has everything going for it from lovely staff, lovely atmosphere and great food. It is also so centrally located on Hope Street. It is certainly worth a visit. Total rating 17 out of 20 (I converted 12.5 out of 15 into a figure out of 20 (and rounded it up) so it is in line with all my other reviews)

Date Visited: Monday, 8 August 2016.

Restaurant Details:
157 Hope Street
G2 2UQ

Website: click HERE
Telephone: 0843 2892 283

Finally, whilst I was invited to try out Mussel Inn and didn't have to pay for my meal, this in no way has had an impact on my review. My review is unbiased and independent.

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

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