Tuesday 21 June 2016

Dinner at McPhabbs, West End, Glasgow

It was Friday lunch time, Mr EmmaEats and I were deciding what to do that evening - it had been a lovely week of amazing weather and I thought it would be lovely to be up in the city drinking cocktails. Mr EE suggested that we might see if we could catch a show, so we hit google and found that American Idiot was on in Glasgow Kings Theatre and there was actually some tickets available. So we snapped up the tickets and the next job was to figure out where to go for food. We were going to be short on time so we were looking for somewhere convenient to the theatre and somewhere that we could get food quickly. After checking out a few places we decided on McPhabbs. I didn't really know what to expect but I liked the look of the menu so off we went. 

As we were walking up to McPhabbs we could see a huge crowd of people outside enjoy the great weather - I immediately got a good vibe about the place. We walked inside and the good vibe continued. It was around 6.30pm on a Friday evening and the place was hopping. Any of the free tables had reserved signs on them so things weren't looking good for us. We asked a member of staff would they be able to take us for dinner and thankfully they could fit us in. We were seated at our table by a very friendly member of staff. We gave our drink order and were left to look over the menu. 

Even though I had looked at the menu I still wasn't able to decide on what to eat - there were so many things on the menu that I wanted so it was a case of waiting until I was placing my order to pick. I eventually went for the cauliflower gnocchi, wild garlic salsa verdi, asparagus, shaved cauliflower, toasted hazelnuts. Mr EE went for the Cheese burger on seeded brioche with onion jam and rosemary fries. When I had looked at the menu I had seen the carne asada fries (there are fries with shredded beef, hot sauce, sour cream, avocado and Monterey jack cheese) and I knew straight away that once Mr EE saw these he would have to have them - and yes he had to order a side of them.

As you can see from the photo above the food looked great and tasted as good as it looked. My gnocchi was delicious - the flavours were amazing - it was like a subtle taste explosion in my mouth - no flavour was too strong and it all just worked great together. It was a lovely and light dish. When I was placing my order I had contemplated ordering a side dish but I decided against it - I do think that you might need to order a side dish with the gnocchi though. Mr EE had loads of food and even had two portions of chips - he said his burger was cooked to perfection, exactly how he likes it. Then he tasted the carne asada fries and exclaimed that they were the nicest chips he has ever had in his life. Of course I had to taste them to and I will agree they were delicious - all the flavours worked really well together - the hot sauce was a really good addition to the dish but it wasn't overpowering. My only issue here is that when Mr EE ordered the cheese burger (that came with fries) and then and additional side of fries I would have expected the waitress to point out that the burger came with fries (even though it was stated on the menu) but maybe she thought the side was for me. Anyway as the food was so delicious we decided that we would have to sample the deserts and coffee.

I went for the lemon meringue baked Alaska, raspberry, crumbled shortbread and popping candy and Mr EE went for the sticky toffee pudding, bourbon soaked apple, custard ice cream. You may not believe me but before I moved to Scotland I was never the biggest dessert person but now it is my biggest weakness. I've never had baked Alaska so I decided to give it a go (and I think the popping candy helped make my decision). It was delicious, I loved every single bite of it - as with all the other dishes it was so flavoursome. Mr EE loved his sticky toffee pudding and if his face was anything to go by - there was a good kick of alcohol from it. To round it all off we both had an americano with hot milk. The coffee was lovely but I had to say you would need teeny tiny fingers to fit your finger through the handle of the cup. Food rating: 4/5.

Exceptional - that is the only word for it (leaving aside the issue with the fries above). The staff were so friendly, welcoming and helpful. Service rating: 5/5.

There was a great atmosphere here. When we first went in it was really busy with the after work crowd - but it did quieten down. It was absolutely perfect for what we needed. It's loud and lively and I wish I worked beside it so it could be my after work spot. Atmosphere rating: 4/5.

Our total meal cost £66.10 and this was for 2 main courses, 1 side, 2 desserts, 2 coffees, 2 cocktails and 2 glasses of red wine. I felt for the quality of the food and service that this was a very reasonable price. They also seem to do offers for the after work crowd and I think there are showing the Euro's and are doing food and drink specials. Price rating: 4.5/5.

Last Words
This place is definitely worth a visit, the food is great as were the cocktails. The staff are so friendly and the atmosphere in the place is great. Total rating 17.5 out of 20.

Date visited: Friday, 3 June 2016

Restaurant Details:
23 Sandyford Place,
Charing Cross,
G3 7NG

Phone number: 0141 221 8176

Thanks for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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