Tuesday 5 January 2016

Dinner at Buzzworks Restaurant: The Mill House, Stewarton

He had me at ‘do you want a jug of water’ …

Buzzworks have a number of restaurants in the area and I have eaten in them quite often. They recently opened a new venture, The Mill House in Stewarton which I was really looking forward to trying out. Buzzworks have their restaurants tastefully decorated, they all look slightly different but all are decorated to a very high standard and the Mill House did not disappoint. The dining area is nice and bright, with a very chic and stylish look. There are different seating options and we were seated in a booth in a nice quiet corner. We were provided with the menu’s - a festive dinner menu and the a la carte menu. If you have read the about me section of my blog you will know that my pet hate is being left with an empty glass of water when having dinner. So when the waiter was taking my drinks orders, I ordered a glass of water - to which he responded 'would you like me to leave a jug of water on the table' - music to my ears!!

The Food

There is an extensive menu to choose from with plenty of different options available.

For starters both myself and my companion ordered the deep fried breaded brie. This was beautifully presented (unfortunately I’m not the best at taking photos so the picture may not do it justice). Whilst it was very tasty there was something about it that I wasn’t so sure about. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I think it might have been the contrast of the warm brie and cold port and redcurrant sauce.

For mains I had the slow cooked lamb roast and my companion had the good old reliable - the three cheese macaroni with bacon. My lamb was cooked to perfection, as were the vegetables - there was still a bit of a bite to them (I dislike mushy veg). The mashed potatoes were so creamy and delicious, there were so morish. Finally, the gravy perfectly complimented the dish. My companion was also very happy with his three cheese macaroni and bacon dish. We also ordered a portion of the chilli and parmesan fries (you cannot go to a Buzzworks restaurant and not order these), they were very tasty but the portion sizes are very big so they really were not needed.

For research purposes (of course) I had to have a desert, so we decided to share a salted caramel meringue sundae. I’m not the biggest dessert person, especially straight after a meal but I must admit I really enjoyed the sundae. All the different components worked really well together. There was crushed oreo biscuits, toasted marshmallows, tablet and vanilla ice cream, wafer and sprinkles. We even managed to finish it off. Food Rating 4/5.

The Service

The service was faultless, even though we were in a quiet corner if we needed a waiter there was always one nearby. The food was brought to our table promptly and in general the staff were well trained and very friendly. Service Rating 5/5.


There was a great buzz around the place and noise levels were not too high. As stated above the surroundings were lovely and very chic. Atmosphere Rating 5/5.


I found the meal to be very reasonable given the high quality of the food, the size of the portions and the well trained staff. Price Rating 5/5.      

Last words

This place is certainly worth a visit, well done to all involved - I would give it a total rating of 19 out of 20.   

Restaurant Details:-

The Mill House,
4 Dean Street,
KA3 5EQ.

Phone: +44 (0) 1560 482 255


  1. Great read Emma, as a fellow foodie my family and i are always looking for great new restaurants to try and your review has inspired me to give " The Millhouse " a go. Keep up the good work

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