Thursday 21 July 2016

New Opening - Horn Please, Glasgow

You may have heard that Cubatas restaurant has a new sister restaurant just below it on Berkeley Street. I was invited to a pre opening tasting night to sample what they have to offer. For a number of reasons I'm not going to do a full review. Firstly, it was a tasting evening so there were dishes that I would normally never order so I don't think it would be fair to review that. Secondly, (kinda related to the first point) but there was no menu so I can't really state the full options on the menu. Finally, as there was no menu there was no price so I couldn't rate it as normal. However, in saying all that I still think it certainly deserves a mention on my blog (that is until I can go there to review it properly). 

When you walk in your are greeted by an airy basement full of light - its not dark like I had expected it to be. The restaurant is decorated in a minimalist but very tasteful way. The light fixtures are amazing (if you read my blog you will know that I have a little fixation on light fixtures). Look at this amazing photo - how cool is this and it ties into the name of the restaurant also. 
Which leads me nicely onto the name of the restaurant - Horn Please, this had intrigued me as it is very unusual and thankfully it was answered on the night. After a trip over to India the team came up with the idea. I was told that rules of the road might be a little lax over there and that on the back of each truck was a sign saying 'horn please'. So this meant if you came up behind a truck you beeped your horn and they would pull in so you could pass! So the team saw this sign a lot and that is where the name came from, how cool is that? The next surprise was that all the beautiful fixtures and fittings in the restaurant came from India - you cannot get more authentic than that. I was sold on the whole concept of the restaurant at this stage. 
So after taking our seats the tasting began. What I should say is that Horn Please is not your normal indian cuisine, it is classed as modern indian cuisine and modern it is. Some of the dishes were a modern twist on old favourites while others were what I would consider new for indian cuisine. The one thing I did notice was that there was a lot of fish on the menu - I'm not the biggest fish fan :-( I may be a little ignorant with this statement but I would never have associated fish with indian meals - don't get me wrong I know there would have been fish dishes on the menu but I wasn't of the opinion that it featured heavily. I was a vegetarian when I was younger and it was the one type of cuisine that I actually liked eating for their variety of vegetarian dishes. So I'm left wondering am I ignorant or is the fish a modern twist?

I'm not going to go into great detail of each dish, instead I'm just going to post photos as there were so many dishes. 

How pretty do those dishes look?? So the highlight for me - dips with mini poppadoms and nuts (the dips were DEVINE), the ham toasted pakora, the chicken curry burger and the chocolate dessert. 

The low point - I think it was the fish medley, whilst I didn't actually taste it myself my companion and the table next to us didn't particularly like it. It was served cold and the few I spoke to felt that it would have been nicer with a bit of warmth in it. 
It is also worth a mention that on the night, Horn Please did wine pairings with each dish - as I was driving I couldn't try out the many different wines, which was a bit of a shame. 

Last Words:-
All in all, it appears that this is going to be a great spot. It is certainly a modern twist on indian cuisine. The staff that I met on the night were so friendly and helpful. You can see how passionate they are about the food and restaurant - it is really very refreshing to see. I think you should definitely try this place out. 

Wishing you all the very best Horn Please.

At the time of writing Horn Please didn't seem to have a website - they have a twitter page and be found @Hornplz_GLA and a Facebook page @HornPleaseGlasgow, their telephone number is 0141 573 3021. 

PS the post is a little late as I've been away on holidays! 

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