Saturday 24 December 2016

2016: My Year in Review

So 2016 has been a very exciting year both on a personal and a blogger level. I started the blog late December 2015 but really didn’t start blogging until January 2016. It was just something I wanted to do to help me get to know the Glasgow food scene a bit better. It made me try out new places and not just stick to my good ole favourites. Never did I think that my blog would lead me to being contacted by PR companies and restaurants themselves to go and review them. Writing my blog has opened so many avenues for me and has enabled me to meet so many lovely people. There are so many people that I want to mention and say thank you to but I will do that at the end, however I do think that Mr EmmaEats (aka Paddy) deserves to be mentioned here … it was Paddy who put the idea of the blog into my head (I do remind him of that now every time he is giving out about having to take photos of his food), he also travel’s to Glasgow with me at least twice a week to try out a new spot, I’m sure he would much prefer to stay local but he does it for me. He also has to put up with me being on my phone ALL the time and even sitting beside me late at night while I’m writing (I tend to find it easier to write late at night). He is a constant support and I am truly grateful to have him in my life. The other person I have to mention is my Mum, she is my number 1 supporter - even though she lives in another country she is constantly sharing my posts and leaving lovely comments (and she loves when I make mention of her in my posts so I guess when I’m home over Christmas I’ll get extra brownie points for this).

So on to the main event … my favourite restaurants of 2016 …

Foodie Highlights
I have posted 64 posts in the last year, this is only a fraction of the places that I have visited, there are just not enough hours in the week to write about everywhere I visit but that does not mean they are not worthy of a post, it just means I never got around to doing up a blog or that when I was out for the meal I actually just wanted to eat without having to take photos. I find every so often I just want to take a day off from taking pictures of my food. There have been so many foodie highlight this year and I wish I could mention everywhere but this post would go on forever if I did, so I have broken it down into two categories:-

  1. My Top Picks
Joint first this year are Titchfields and Ox & Finch. Both of these places are all kinds of amazing and I really like what they do. You can see their reviews by clicking on the following links:- Titchfields & Ox & Finch

  1. Places that I will return to again and again
Cafezique, Singl-end, Stravaigin, Bread Meats Bread City Centre & West End, La Boca, Wilson Street Pantry, Cafe Strange Brew, Gusto & Relish, Ranjits Kitchen, GRO Coffee and Tantrum Doughnuts. If I have done a review of the restaurant you will be able to see it by clicking on the name.

There are so many that come very close to those listed above however, these are the ones that I know I’ll keep going back to. And early next year I am going to endeavour to get back to all of these places as some of them I’ve only visited once. I still have a huge list of places to visit next year, some of them are very established places and some rather newer restaurants but I will slowly but surely work my way through them. I think I would also like to spend some time exploring the Edinburgh food scene so hopefully I will get to do that next year.

Towards, the latter part of 2016 I added a new dimension to the blog, I started to interview the people behind the Glasgow food scene. I personally wanted to learn more about the people who make the food scene what it is so I thought why not do a little interview series. I hope to continue with this in the New Year so if you have any suggestions of who I should interview next or indeed if you are reading this and want to do an interview get in touch via my email A big thank you to all of those who have taken part so far, to see their interviews just click on their names:- Laurianee's Raw Cakes, David Banks, Stewart & Calvin from Titchfields, & Stephen from La Boca.

What’s Next
As I’ve said next year I hope to revisit some of my favourite spots and maybe try to spend a bit more time sampling what Edinburgh has to offer. I am also hoping to do a little bit of rebranding so watch this space …

The Thank You’s
So where do I start, there are so many people that I want to thank …. I suppose firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to my family and friends back home in Ireland. I love you all dearly and having your constant support means the world to me. I miss you all but with modern technology (jeez how old do I sound) you are never that far away. Next up is Paddy’s family and friends, who have now become my family and friends. What can I say? You have all helped make the transition to living in Scotland so much easier. The support you have given me has really helped me settle down to life on the West Coast of Scotland - mind you none of you warned me how bloody wet the West is. But I owe you all a really big thank you - you are great.

A huge thank you to Lisa (aka Little Ms Glasgow Girl) … thank you for answering that random message from another blogger asking to go for a coffee to talk about the Glasgow food scene. You have been a great support to me throughout the year and I feel we have built a lasting friendship (and thankfully our relationship has developed so our conversation has extended past the Glasgow food scene). I’m looking forward to all our outings in 2017. Next up is all of you at Lucky 52 Social Media Agency and the blogging class. Firstly to Paul (Paul Thomas Bell), Naomi (The Naomi Narrative) & Riona, I cannot put into words what you have done for me … without being too dramatic you have changed my life (& obviously for the better). You introduced me to a whole new scene up in Glasgow and with your help and guidance I have grown my blog to levels that I would never have dreamed possible. You have opened so many doors for me and I will never know how to thank you all properly … You are Rockstars. To the members of my blogging class, Wendy (Weekends with Wendy), Joyce (Grandma Williams) and Graham (Graham Wilson Undrunk) - you guys are great. You have all been a great support to me personally and on the blog, so I owe you all a very big thank you (or to keep Paul happy … thanks a mil).

Next up is the wider blogging community:- I know by listing people out I will forget someone but ….so I would like to say a general thank you to the blogging community here as I have found you all to be so open and friendly, however I do want to make a special mention to a few people who I have built up a friendship with … so in no particular order Kaitlin, Claire, Michelle, Gerry, & Kris... a big thank you for welcoming me into the Glasgow food scene and for freely offering advice and help. Kaitlin you are about to start your own adventure so I want to wish you the very best of luck with your new life in Barcelona.

To my readers/followers you Rock, thank you so much for your support throughout the last year. I could never have imagined that I would have so many people reading my blog every day. I hope you continue to find my posts engaging in 2017.

And to the amazing restaurateurs and those who work in restaurants - thank you for making the Glasgow food scene what it is and for providing me with some many nice places to write about.

Finally over the year I have gotten to know more people behind the Glasgow food scene, I've sat with them and spoke at length about food etc - I want to express a really big thank you to all of those who take time out to meet with me and to talk about my favourite topic .... food.
Ok so that’s it. 2016 you have been an amazing year and I am so excited for what 2017 is going to bring.

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

PS:- there are probably so many others that I forgot to thank or I didn't mention here because they are part of different aspects of my life but I'm just trying to keep this post about EmmaEats.


  1. I loved reading this! You've accomplished so much in the one year, I really enjoy reading your blog because your enthusiasm & love for it shines through! There's loads of Glasgow restaurants you've mentioned that I still need to try but I hope you enjoy exploring what Edinburgh has to offer!

    Fionn :)

    1. Ah thanks Fionn for your lovely comments. It really was such an exciting year. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings. Hopefully we will get to catch up soon. Emma mai