Thursday 8 December 2016

Interview with Stewart and Calvin from Titchfield's, Kilmarnock

Photo Credit: Titchfields

So the next instalment of 'who are they' is the guys behind Titchfields, Restaurant in Kilmarnock. If you follow my blog or social media accounts you will know that I'm a huge fan of Titchfield's in Kilmarnock. I love everything about this place, the staff, service, atmosphere and food (of course) are great. What even makes it more special is that they are champions of supplying good quality local food. I didn't think I could love this place anymore than I already did, however that changed when I met the two guys behind Tictchfield's. Their passion for the restaurant and food in general was so infectious that I think I'm completely obsessed with the place now.

It was a wet and dreary day (I know such a shocker on the West Coast of Scotland to have wet weather) when I call into the boys to have a chat but as I have come to expect, it was lovely and welcoming in Titchfield's. Once the lunch time madness had quietened down (and my own belly was full of the most amazing sausage and lentil dish) I sat down with the boys to see how it all started.

So who are the people behind Titichfield's?
Well, it's two local guys, Stewart and Calvin. Stewart runs front of house and Calvin runs the kitchen. These guys have been passionate about food for a long time, their passion for food didn't just come to being over night. Both of the boys have been working in the food industry since they left school - to look at them you wouldn't think that was too long ago, however when you hear all the experience they have amassed you know they have been around the block for a while (still not as long as me though).

Stewart started out washing dishes in a restaurant in Kilmarnock and decided that it wasn't for him so he transitioned to front of house and then onto the cocktail scene up in Glasgow. Stewart is of the opinion that when you are young you need to experience as much as you can which helps you figure out what it is you want to do with your life (and to be honest I completely agree ... I did veterinary nursing when I left school and look at me now).

Calvin also started out in a restaurant in Kilmarnock after finishing school. He then moved up to Glasgow and worked in a number of different places gaining valuable experience. Whilst he was doing this he was also at college doing a Degree in Art. I suppose one might say that art and food are not connected at all but you can clearly see Calvin's artistic flare in his dishes.

Photo Credit: Titchfields

So how did Titchfield's come about?
Stewart and Calvin went to the same school and have known each other for a long time. When they were both working in restaurants they often said that they would do something together in the future. The years passed, more experience was gained and then towards the end of 2014 the concept of Titchfield's was beginning to raise it's head. During summer 2015 the concept of Titchfield's became a reality. The boys felt that they had gained so much experience doing hard work for others that they could do the hard work for themselves and their own restaurant. So Titchfield’s was born in November 2015, it just celebrated it's first birthday on 11 November 2016.

Photo Credit: Titchfields

The ethos of Titchfield's
This is what I love about the place - they care about the food, the quality of the food and where it comes from. Stewart said that they have stood in the fields where the beef in Titchfield's comes from. They explained the importance of a good relationship with a supplier and the importance of getting to know the supplier and their produce. They seem like the kind of people who are not just satisfied with what it says on the tin - they need to be certain of the quality of the food before using it in the restaurant. I'm guessing they probably look for the same passion in the suppliers that they have. Obviously, when working with local produce there are constraints and as such constraints may be put on the menu but to look at the menu in Titchfield's you would never think that.

When I met the boys it was coming up to their first anniversary so I had to ask how was the first year?
The boys said that running a restaurant is like any new venture and as such it has had its ups and downs, however it is all going great now. Things are going in the right direction and thankfully they have amassed a loyal following. I reckon with any business it takes a little while to figure out what does and doesn't work but it appears to me the boys in Titchfield's figured this out quickly.

Photo Credit: Titchfields

So I then asked what was next?
The boys unfortunately are not planning on taking over the world, right now they are happy to concentrate on Titchfield's and continue to grow their presence in Ayrshire.

So just it case you've gotten this far and haven't realised it, the boys passion for food (and their hard work) is what makes Titchfield's amazing. I really want to make Titchfield's a destination for everyone to visit - not just those in Ayrshire - people should be travelling to this place. So stop by, try it out and let me know what you think.

If you are looking for somewhere to go to for dinner on Christmas Day call Titchfield’s immediately as they have limited availability.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to the guys for doing the interview and for giving me so much time. I think we sat down and spoke about food for a few hours. I could have stayed for another few hours but I'm guessing all the people booked in that night wouldn't have been so happy.

Contact Details for Titchfields:-

10 Titchfield Street,

Telephone: 01563 530100
Facebook: CLICK HERE
Instagram: CLICK HERE

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Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

Photo Credit: Titchfields

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