Tuesday 9 February 2016

Lunch at Martha's, Glasgow

I was in the city and need to have a quick lunch, as I'm still on my healthy buzz I decided to give Martha's a go.

I timed my visit well and arrived just after the lunch rush. I didn't look at any menu just went straight to the fridges. There was a really good choice of salads with the nutritional information of each salad clearly on display. I picked a lovely salad called a rainbow freeky and decided to go for a nice healthy drink to round it off. So I was looking in the fridge and could see juices with full sticks of celery, chunks of other fruit and veg. I decided against the juice and was beginning to think that I was completely out of the health food scene or that I was just not cool enough to understand this concept. So in the end I just picked up a bottle of water and went to the counter to pay.

My salad was delicious, I must admit I am not a fan of pre packaged food, however you would have thought that it had just been made. My rainbow freeky salad had spinach, butternut squash, freekeh, chickpeas, radish, pumpkin & pomegranate seeds. It was so fresh and really full of flavour. Whilst I was sitting at the table eating my lunch I had a chance to look over the menu. You can get everything from breakfast, to hot rolls, to salads, to main boxes and flat bread wraps. The menu also provided some information on the smoothie dilemma - you pick up your smoothy and bring it to the counter and they blend it for you there...it all makes sense now.

It is difficult to rate service as there isn't much service required in Martha's - it's more of a grab and go kinda place with a seating area. However, the waitress who served me was very friendly and the tables were very clean.

As with service it is difficult to rate the atmosphere - it is more of a grab and go place rather than a sit down and take a few hours to relax over your food place. I must admit I thought that the music was a little loud (maybe I'm just getting old) but other than that the atmosphere was fine. I did notice that a number of people were actually sitting down reading a magazine or on a iPad so maybe people do like to relax over their food here.

My salad cost me £5.30 - if you were to take the salad out it would have cost £4.40. I honestly believe that the salad was worth £5.30, whilst the portion wasn't huge it was a decent sized portion, the freshness and quality of the food was worth it.

Last words
Martha's claim to do hearty, healthy and fast food, I can confirm that they do this. It is great to know that you can get healthy 'fast' food. I would recommend that you give yourself a little time to have a look at the menu before ordering though. I haven't rated this place as I think it would be difficult to do so but I would highly recommend a visit to Martha's.

Date Visited:- Wednesday, 27 January 2015

Restaurant Details:

142a St Vincent Street,
G2 5LQ.

Website: Martha's Website
Telephone: 0141 248 9771

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma Mai xx

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