Thursday 28 July 2016

Square Eyes Film Club, Blythswood Square Hotel

I recently went to a thing called 'Square Eyes Film Club' at Blythswood Square Hotel. So what is this club I hear you ask? Well you get to have afternoon tea in the luxurious surrounds of the Blythswood Square Hotel and then you go to their private cinema to watch a film. They are running events for children and for adults over the next few months. As I type this there are just two more childrens events scheduled (for August) and a number of adult ones (which run into September). For the kids movie if you pay one adult full price, a child goes free (children are classed as under 16s and will receive the 'little darlings' afternoon tea). Tickets are priced at £32 per person. We were a party of 4, 2 adults and 2 children so for four of us to have afternoon tea and to see a movie it was £64, which I thought was great value. I'm not doing an actual review on afternoon tea here as I just wanted to sit back and enjoy it rather than having to take loads of photos and critique everything (and I'm not sure if the kids would have the patience for me to take photos of their food before they could eat it). 

Afternoon tea kicks off at 1pm which you have in the Salon. Once seated we were given our menu's which just itemises what will come out on your platter. For the 'little darlings' afternoon tea you are provided with a list of fillings for the sandwiches and the kids can pick which ones they prefer and they can pick whether they wast brown or white bread. We had the nicest waiter whose name I didn't get but he was great. He brought us down the the tea selection for us to choose which tea we wanted. The tea was beautifully presented in box - you were able to open each variety to have a smell to see if you liked it. 

Next up the food was brought out and as you can see from the photos the food looked great. I had asked for a gluten free afternoon tea which looked just as good as the regular one. Everything tasted great. This is the adult afternoon tea:-
And this is the 'little darlings' afternoon tea:-

Once we were finished stuffing our faces we were brought down to the cinema to see the screening of Inside Out. We had all seen this movie before but had loved it so we were looking forward to seeing it again. We were actually the only ones in the cinema so it was like our own personal screening. The seats are great, so comfy. And just in case you didn't eat and drink enough at afternoon tea you are offered popcorn and a drink at the cinema. I refrained from both as the afternoon tea was my treat but the others all went for the popcorn.

As I said, I'm not doing a full review but below I list the high and low points. 

High Points

  • The atmosphere and service from our waiter. Whilst I might have thought that a luxury hotel wouldn't be very child friendly, this was completely inaccurate. Our waiter was great with Sam who is 6 - in fairness the waiter was great with everyone.
  • The cost - for four of us to have afternoon tea and cinema 'tickets' I thought the price of the tickets were extremely reasonable.
  • The food was lovely.
  • It was great to be able to involve the kids in something that is generally classed as an 'adult' event.

Low Points
  • To be honest the low points started when I was trying to book - I felt like it took a couple of days to get it all sorted. Now that might have been my fault as I used email rather than just picking up a phone - but they provide an email address as well as a phone number so it should be easy to do it no matter what way you choose to book.
  • When we arrived there seemed to be some confusion with reception staff and then that confusion continued when we were greeted upstairs. Staff didn't seem to be aware of the package that the hotel was offering. 
  • I asked for no fish in my sandwiches - there was a sandwich on my platter with salmon in it (once I pointed this out it was rectified).
  • As I as having the gluten free version my ice cream came in a small bowl rather than in a cone - no spoon was provided for me to eat my ice cream - not a big issue as I used my spoon from my tea - but if you are selling luxury I would expect to get a fresh spoon.

Last Words
I know it might appear that my low points outweigh my high points, however I really did enjoy my square eyes film club experience. It is a great concept. I know I mentioned it above but our waiter was great and really made the experience for us. I really do think that this is something you should head along to. You can check out more about the club by clicking here

Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx



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