Sunday 26 February 2017

Lunch at Silver Spoons, Troon, Ayrshire

I had lived in Troon for nearly 9 months before I visited this little gem of a place. I had been told so many times that I should go to Silver Spoons but I just never got around to going. So I finally made it … I walked into this amazing little restaurant and it was liked I stepped back in time - but stepped back in time in a good way. I want my dining room to look like the Silver Spoons, it is just so pretty. The place wasn’t full but there was a really good crowd in there which created a lovely atmosphere. I was greeted by the very friendly Eileen who showed me to my table. I must admit, I was completely in my element at this stage, the place is just so cute. So Eileen gave me the lunch menu and advised me of all the special’s they had that day. 

There is an extensive lunch menu here, you can get anything from a sandwich, soup, baked potato or cake to name but a few things. I decided to go for the baked potato and beans, I really wanted cake but I was trying to be good (again). Whilst I was waiting on my food I walked around and had a look at all the amazing cakes, they looked delicious and I was surprised by how many gluten free cakes they did. So my baked potato arrived out and looked amazing and it was a huge portion. I think I’ve said before in another blog that when I order a baked potato in a cafe I normally never eat the skin as some times I question whether the skin has been cleaned (to my standard) - however, even though the potato was covered in beans I could clearly see that it was lovely and clean. So I was able to eat everything on my plate and it was all lovely. There was also a side portion of coleslaw and I said for research purposes I would just have a taste of it, however, it was so delicious I ended up eating it all. As there was a beautiful cup and saucer on the table I had to have tea to drink out of the china cup. Food rating: 4/5

Service was great here, it was very prompt and really friendly. I had a lovely chat with Eileen who seemed to have plenty of time for all of the customers. Service rating:- 5/5.

This place is lovely, I love everything about it. It is so warm, welcoming and charming. There was a nice buzz about the place with loads of people coming and going. As well as doing a good trade within the restaurant they seem to do a good takeaway service as well, so there was a constant buzz about the place. Atmosphere rating: 4/5.

For my baked potato and pot of tea the total price was £7.10. For the quantity and quality of the food I think that this is really good value. For lunch I thought the portion was huge, mind you I still managed to make my way through it all. I do hate waste (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). Price rating:- 5/5.

Last Words
Just in case you haven’t realised at this stage … I love this place. I think it is a great find and I can’t believe it took me so long to make my way here. I will definitely be back and I think it will now be my go to place in Troon for a late breakfast or lunch (or cake). The next time my mum is over to visit I’m going to have to bring her here, I know she will love it too. Oh and I will have to bring my aunt here too, she is all about her china cups. Total rating: 18 out of 20. 

Date Visited: Thursday, 8 December 2016

Restaurant Details: 
20 Portland Street,
KA10 6AE.

Telephone: 01292 314631
Facebook: click HERE

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