Monday 6 February 2017

Getting the train to Craiglang for a night at Still Game

I love it when I open my email to find an invitation to an exciting event ... so in early January I got a lovely surprise when I received an email from Scotrail inviting me to go to see Still Game in the SSE Hydro ... the only catch was that I was to take the train!!! That wasn't a problem for me as I'm regularly on the train between Troon and the city however it was going to be the first time that I was getting the train from the city out to SSE Hydro. That wasn't the only first for me on the night in question ... it was my first time going to see a gig there. I must also admit I have had limited exposure to Still Game. When I moved to Scotland a little under 2 years ago I had never heard of it ... Mr EmmaEats would have often made reference to it but I was never inclined to find out more about it. Well that was until it was back on the box and then I finally understood what he had been going on about. 

So off we set on the Scotrail 4.53pm train from Troon to Glasgow Central. We arrived into Central Station on time at 5.41pm and found our platform easily enough. There was a train to Exhibition Centre (that's the stop you get off at for the SSE Hydro) at 5.52pm so we didn't have to wait too long. The journey was so quick it only took us about 4mins. Once we arrived at the station it was only an 8 min walk to the SSE Hydro. The SSE Hydro was clearly signed posted so it was very easy to find our way. Getting out to the SSE Hydro by train was so much easier that I thought it would be. It's a great option without the hassle of trying to find a parking space and you have the added benefit of being able to have a drink.

Once we arrived at the SSE Hydro we went up to the Hydro Club where we were treated to dinner before the show. There were plenty of options on the menu and they even had a specials sections which was themed for Still Game. Both Mr EE and I went for the pakora to start, this was off the specials menu. For mains I picked off the normal menu and had the salt baked lamb shank and Mr EE had the tandoori chicken burger from the specials menu. Our food was fine, I don't think there was anything special or outstanding about it, but it was fine and we both cleared our plates. The pakora was presented nicely but I just felt it was a bit stodgy. When my main was put in front of me I thought it looked really dry but it actually wasn't as dry as it looked. As it was close to the start of the show we decided not to have dessert. However we told that we could order it now and they would have it ready for us during the interval.  We decided not to go for it though, January's healthy buzz is still in full flight.

After the meal we then went and took our seats for the main event. I really enjoyed Still Game, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. We were laughing non stop. The stage and the props were just great. The SSE Hydro is an amazing place for an event. It is huge - I never imagined that it would be able to take so many people. The seats were really comfy too. I felt that I had a decent amount of leg room. I know I'm not the tallest person but sometimes at concerts etc I find that my knee are rubbing off the seat in front of me. Well this was not the case here.

So that was it, the gig was over and it was time to head back home. We took a short stroll back to Exhibition Centre. Obviously we were walking back with a huge crowd of people. We arrived at the station at 10.40pm to join a huge queue outside the station (much to my dismay as it was freezing and the thoughts of having to stand in a queue was not my idea of fun). I was beginning to think that getting the train might not have been the best idea. However I was completely wrong - within 7 minutes we were on the platform waiting on the train to arrive. We only had to wait 5 minutes for the train and a short 4 minutes after getting on the train we were in Central Station. We had another seamless changeover in Central Station to get our train to Troon. I have to hand it to Scotrail's staff at the Exhibition Centre - they certainly had everything under control. They were continuously telling the crowds what to do and where to go, so no one was left guessing. I was so surprised at how quickly the queue moved. It was really well organised and everything ran so efficiently. 

We really enjoyed our night and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scotrail and the SSE Hydro for an amazing evening. It is so easy to get from the city out to the SSE Hydro by train, likewise getting there from Troon was so easy. The next time I'm going to a gig in the SSE Hydro I will certainly be taking the train. Whilst the meal may not have been my favourite it certainly was so much handier to eat at the SSE Hydro.

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Thanks a mil for reading.

Emma mai xx

Disclaimer:- the train tickets, meal and tickets to Still Game were provided to me by Scotrail & SSE Hydro. However, I would like to state that this post is an unbiased and independent review of my experience on the night. 

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